Diagnose my injury

Feel free to post your own queries here for completely unprofessional advice.

Noticed on my way to parkrun Saturday that the top of my left foot hurt, it’s towards the back on the outside I think there is a natural squashy lump, but it is enlarged. Was causing me to limp a bit.

When running parkrun (a pretty much all out effort) I couldn’t feel it. As mentioned in the 2022 races thread I did a 400m & 1500m race last night and in the one lap warm up (in spikes) I really felt it then. But in the races, I can’t say I noticed.

I will edit in a picture below from my phone. Anyone know what this injury is called? And treatment?

Foot photo (but no toes)

Thanks for sparing us the trotters. Wonder if maybe any parts of this article seem relevant? Just a little light reading, not attempting a remote diagnosis from your trot-shot


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That’s the anchor point for the tendon responsible for raising your foot upwards. The tendon goes under the big 'un at the front of your ankle and connects to the little muscle at the front / outside of your shin (tibialis anterior). Find that muscle and massage it, if you find the muscle is sore then you’ve found the problem and the foot pain should get better.

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Well done Sir.


I have a lump on top of my right foot which those in the medical profession have told me is a ganglion.
It’s a type of cyst. I’ve had mine for over 20 years as it doesn’t cause any rubbing or pain.

I believe you can have them drained / removed

I would send your photo to your GP and take it from there :slight_smile:

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Hit it with a Bible, old wives will tell you.


I was told that it might be possible to squeeze the life out of it but that hurt … so I stopped!

WTF is going on with this bite on my biceps?

In a few days we’ll be calling you Spiderman.


Been paintballing recently?


Nope. I think it was a mosquito or something.

I did get a bit worried it might be a tick, but Google Images made me conclude no.

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show a pic of your biceps and we will let you know…



I developed a ganglion on the top of my foot back in October, other than needing to adjust the laces on my shoes, it wasn’t sore and managed a couple of ultras without it causing any problems. It was a little red and sore after the Lakes Traverse but a few days later it was gone.

So my prescription is to run 100km in the Lake District, but then maybe the Bible trick would be easier.