Disc or Rim

until I got discs i was why, but have them now and i don’t know how i lived without them. They do squeal a bit at times but what @Matthew_Spooner says really. I only went with discs last summer as I was buying a “bike for a decade” so it needed to be pretty much future proof.

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I’m just waiting for GrahamO to recommend them too; tail between his legs :rofl:

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Nope - rims.

99% of riders here simply don’t need them.

Out of interest why would you say that? What type of rider is the 1% that need disc brakes in your opinion?

I’m not opening that can of worms again - its worse then tubs vs clinchers.

Buy whatever you want, if you do 4,000ft descents regularly, then you might just need them.

On a roll today Graham. Here’s GrahamO’s latest bike for riding around the mountains of the UAE…

Yeah, like I said,only 1% actually need them. We have mountains here with 4,000ft descents and 60mph+ speeds.

The Uk doesnt have that, so it makes sense to those who arent suffering from being Jorgan.

Jorgan just has a bug up his ar*e because apparently there is a real rash of mass crashes for those on rim brakes and its been a problem for decades before disc brakes came along. Except it hasnt and he’s got no answer.

No I just prefer them, as they provide better braking. I’m not bothered what other people do as long as they are content. We get a lot of rain in the UK, and braking on wet rims is not as good as discs; particularly carbon rims, which is why a lot of people prefer them. So, if only 1% of riders experience rain, mountains, steep gradients or tight bends in the road, then you would be right Graham.

I do actually wonder what you’d be like in real life; or whether you are actually just a behavioural concept rather than a real person. That would make sense. Either way, it would be fascinating to meet you in person.

But if you really want to open up the discussions again, then fair enough but there is no evidence in the slightest of a problem in UK road cycling which requires disc brakes to be solved. No accident statistics to support the need, no evidence of mass crashes or problems - just a marketing spin to sell more expensive gear to people who never go fast enough on the flat, or in wet enough conditions to actually need any more than rim brakes.

Maybe there’s a strange German expression which doesnt translate well but I’m not sure what you mean by a behavioural concept, but no doubt its another pointless dig at me as all I ever do is ask you to prove the need.

If you want rims, then fine thats okay - but its not a need borne out by any facts at all.

In summary
If riding in crap roads, disc brakes are better
If riding regularly in wet conditions, disc brakes are better
If riding long descents, with lots of corners, disc brakes are better
If you have a “best” bike, which comes out in good weather, and you ride on nice tarmac, I would choose a rim brake

I have just built a rim brake bike (as best bike) - couldn’t choose a better time, no one wants rim brake parts, so they are much cheaper used, shifters, wheels, calipers and frames have plumeted in value. So if you are looking for VFM and know what you are doing it’s a consideration



If riding in crap roads, disc brakes are unnecessary
If riding regularly in wet conditions, disk brakes are unnecessary
If riding long descents, with lots of corners, outside the of the Uk then yes, choose disk brakes. In the UK disc brakes are pretty much always unnecessary, which is whay I saod only about 1% actually need them because they do huge hills every day.

I’ve never ridden disc brakes, so can’t comment on that.

But as Matt said there are some real bargains to be found. A friend of mine bought a set of 50mm rim brake Mavic Cosmics for £250!

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Graham, you’re perfectly entitled to your opinion; especially when expressed in a civil manner. But a great number of people don’t agree with your view on disc brakes. I have been commuting on them since 2011, long before they became ubiquitous on road bikes; and I found them to be better for my needs, in my personal experience.

To say no-one in the UK needs disc brakes, and dismiss it as pure gimmick, looks blinkered and depending on how you express it… a little arrogant.

Disc’s are too much of a pain to set up and maintain for commuting for me, they’re a real PITA, too much endless fiddling, they’re for people who like bike maintenance I think.

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I kind of agree, but I have mounted the TRP Spyre to my Frankenbike, and they are dual piston, so much easier to maintain than the cheaper road cable discs i.e. very little or no tweaking.

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Another vote for disc brakes. Control and performance feels better to me. From a maintenance perspective rim would be the winner.

I’m not sure of the relevance of German here?

What if you have a ‘best’ summer bike in the UK but once or twice a year do a training camp in the Alps, Mallorca or Tenerife :wink:

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A friend of mine, who is pretty similar to me on climbs and flat, is an ace at descending: on his rim brake bike he can put a huge amout of time into me on the big 2000m descents, even though I am using disc brakes, therefore the biggest differentiator is the rider not the bike. Later this year, when I do Triverest, I am not sure whether to go with the light rim brake bike or my disc brake bike. With around 8000m climbing bike weight may help a little with my legs

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I think it can best be summarised thus:

If you like discs and want them then buy them. If you don’t that’s fine. It’s mainly down to personal preference. Some people get on fine with rims, others swear by the enhanced abilities of discs. Try them out and do what you want.