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@SloggingScotsman Sloggers he tells you there! There’s guerillas in the mountains


Which one is you?

The same thing was said as the industrial revolution was starting. All the automation means we won’t have to work, etc. I don’t buy it is true for AI.


Same here, it’s definitely the hot topic ATM but that’s partly companies talking it up to sell their services and ROI for them.

It might simplify and automate some processes but I’m sure there’ll be room for humans for a while yet.

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the first asylum seeker ‘deported’ to Rwanda :slight_smile:

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Boom boom!

Thank you basil…

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I was in the car yesterday for a bit and listened to some of Patrick Valance’s evidence to the covid inquiry and found it very interesting. Today it is Chris Witty.


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I found having some insight into what happened away from the press conferences and early in the pandemic really interesting. At the time it seemed to me that they had more influence on policy than it appears now.



I think they are distancing themselves…

and ditto…

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So sad to hear about the 4 lads who died driving to camp in North Wales.

Thinking of their families and friends :disappointed:


It’s a bad one.

My wife & her workmates were following any updates yesterday about this. Their mothering instincts were all over this.



Anyone with teenage kids knows that sense of concern when your kids get into a car with 2 or 3 of their friends. Accidents can happen to anyone, and I am not suggesting that any wreckless driving was involved, however, a new driver does not have a lot of experience

When I was 18 I crashed badly driving on a country road, It was a nice straight road, in good driving conditions and I wasn’t speeding. A cat crossed the road directly in front of me and I swerved and lost control, car rolled many times down a hill in field - luckily both me and the cat were uninjured.


Like you say, it’s most likely that they were just driving in the rain and nothing sinister. So so tragic.

I think when many of us look back on our early years of driving we absolutely shudder. We were just clueless about the risks we took and the things we did. I’m in the age group when mobile phones were just accessible at the same time as just getting our license - the risk of phones and driving just wasn’t quantified. It terrifies me.


Sam Altman: Ousted OpenAI boss to return days after being sacked Sam Altman: Ousted OpenAI boss to return days after being sacked - BBC News

That was awkward :roll_eyes:


Yep, we were definitely at the bordering on wreckless end of the spectrum as a bunch of 17 year olds with a license. That classic, dangerous combo of quiet rural living and suddenly being given this massive wedge of freedom. Racing around lanes etc. Luckliy none of us were ever in any accidents.

My brother however, who was proper into his cars used to crash with regularity. Buy a new one or fix it up. But it got very close to proper disaster when it wasn’t just him crashing into a hedge but into another car. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured, but it got very very close - family in the other car. I think he came away with wreckless driving charges or something.


I follow the AI space very closely, so have been watchin developments at OpenAI with interest. This saga has strengthened Sam Altman’s personal brand. I am not sure that it is over yet, and I am not clear whether he will move back to OpenAI, if he does, he will have total free reign over the company.

I do wonder if the attempted coup was orchestrated somehow by Elon Musk. Elon Musk was one of the 3 founders of OpenAI but fell out over its desire to remain not for profit. Elon Musk then attempted to use Tesla as a platform for creating next gen AI, however, this has not worked out too well and OpenAI is the undisputed leader in generative AI.


Same, I am a pretty safe driver, in 26 years only been involved in one incident and wasnt my fault at all, however those first couple of years of driving I had more of my fair share of close calls, through lack of experience and stupidity, Lot of my mates were pretty reckless about driving as well.

My brother had about 4 crashes in the first couple of years of driving. Nothing serious injury wise but plenty of repairs needed to the car

But we dont know what happened here, they could have been knocked off the road by a drunk for all we know.

Its a terrible tragedy whatever has happened.


I am half assuming he’ll be Microsoft’s rep on the board now, officially or unofficially.

Oswald will be turning in his cartoon grave today. Am I the only person who had to google “Blue Octopus” yesterday :man_shrugging: