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In other news, has anyone seen that bridge collapse in Baltimore overnight :flushed:

How did the ship hit it and it just collapsed in seconds!

Video on the BBC


Seems mad doesn’t it

Apparently hits a support but people are still asking how tall it was on R4. Doesn’t compute to me.

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Try under exaggerating

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Must check that out. You’d think that the ships crew know:

  • the height of their vessel
  • the height of any bridge they are passing under



Watch it, it just hit one of the two supports, no idea why it was so close, I suspect the captain is heading for prison!

It was like a controlled demolition the speed it came down!


Looks like it went straight into the support pillar. Definite jail time; unless they can cite emergency radio logs because there was an issue with the ships systems.

Sparing a thought for those driving across it at the time :disappointed:


Luckily it was 1:30am so fairly quiet but it does sound like some people were on the bridge, also concerns about diesel spillage from vehicles.

An update just now suggests the boat deviated and slowed down just before and its lights went out so wonder if it had a catastrophic loss of power or the rudder got jammed.


"Its speed steadily increased and it maintained a straight route south east along the Patapsco River.

Then at 01:25 MarineTraffic data shows that the ship suddenly diverted from its straight course and began to slow down.

Around this time, video shows that all lights on the exterior of the ship suddenly turned off and smoke began emanating smoke from the ship’s funnel."

Sounds like a pretty serious failure of some systems


A little bit lighter news

Still indicative of the hellish authoritarianism those people live under


I see the ship put out a Mayday call, and authorities scrambled to close the bridge.


Wonder if it was closed anyway as the missing people were working on it filling in potholes.


Couldn’t see any moving headlights in the footage either

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Blimmin big ship and a steel bridge, I doubt that was in the accident scenario. Impressive accident. Very sad loss of life but so lucky it was only those few.



I just remembered I was at an industry event on the security of ships navigational systems last year. Probably unrelated. It’s was a sack of shite. I tried to get them to consider the compromise of their systems but all they wanted was to harp on about efficiencies and stuff unrelated to cyber attack.

Unlikely it was a cyber attack, but I’ve had to say “I told you so” so many times it would not surprise me.


Protection of national infrastructure. Blocking a mega canal, taking out a BIG bridge…


That’s a big-assed boat!

I doubt if many steel bridges would be designed to deal with an impact like that :man_shrugging:

I did a uni project where we built a steel bridge and a reinforced concrete bridge to span a 2m gap bearing a certain load. We built them both to 120% of the design load.

The steel bridge started to make noises at about 105% and failed very quickly soon after. It was just a twisted mess.

The concrete bridge started to go at well over 200% of its theoretical limit :roll_eyes:


So I guess you failed that course then? Too much concrete and not enough steel

I guess that bridge would have been built well before ships of that size were around?

No bridge is surviving 150000 tonnes at 10kts crashing in to it.

Probably not much fhe captain could have done. Even throwing the anchors wasnt going to stop it.


It was only built in the late 70’s so not that old. It was probably considered an “incredible” accident. So the cost of designing for it would’ve been far in excess of the chance of it happening. Replacing the bridge is in the hands of insurance companies. You can’t design everything out, you’ve just got to manage the risk of eventualities and attempt to figure out the likelihood of things happening.