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See something earlier that the bridge didnt have adequate “fenders” to protect the pillars. The electricity pylons just before the bridge had larger ones!


I have been listening to them duscuss it on the radio. The experts were saying no bridge is going to survive a ship that heavy hitting it. But the fenders are there to stop the ship hitting the bridge itself. This bridge was built before these were introduced.


In a statement, Biden said they’d rebuild the Bridge with Federal money.

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I can see that being in the bridge fender business could be very lucrative for a while as everyone looks to protect their old bridges :roll_eyes:

The fender just needs to be robust enough to deflect the ships away from the bridge :man_shrugging:


They were saying on Newsnight that this would have a major hit to the US economy, both from the disruption caused by the port being shut while the bridge is blocking the channel and the disruption to freight distribution while the bridge is missing.


And yet Rishi will just grin into the camera like a disinterested rich fuck and not give a shit, much like very other shitting fuck up right now - fuel bills etc etc…

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is anyone surprised???

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if i were in charge, i would go after every single one of them…

executive, director, manager, consultant, lawyer…everyone that knew any of this and covered it up should lose their pensions, bonuses etc, go to jail…


have 5 years community service swapping esoteric anecdotes on public forums…


Im shocked, shocked that there is gambling in here.

Experience shows us time and time again you’d either be complicit or not in charge.

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I’m shocked. :flushed:

Let’s just hope that (1) the wisdom is still found to prevent it’s escalation, and (2) equally we don’t talk our way into war. Sadly, given the relative lack of foresight re (1), (2) is a real risk.

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Does it need wisdom? Surely NATO and nukes are enough?

This is just posturing snd politics and making sure the UKR situation remains front of people’s minds. I cant see how it escalates to world war, because thats what it immediately becomes if a NATO country is attacked.


Yeah, he’s trying to scare the rest of Europe into continuing their military support for Ukraine.

If the Russians have got this bogged down against Ukraine, there’s no way that they’ve got the resources to even consider taking on NATO :man_shrugging:


Poland would finish the ruskies off

Tusk is a bell end but presumably a shrewd operator



I am just a worrier! :grinning:

To be fair though Russia is also fighting against US spy planes giving intelligence and targeting data (whilst carefully staying outside Ukraine and Russia), which must be challenging. Then there are the occasional reports of other nations special forces on site in small numbers lending a hand.

Without that, things might be rather different.

Which is one reason why, right from day one, Putin acknowledged that he could not compete in the conventional sphere, and noted that if pushed too far he would use tactical nukes. Presumably solely within Ukraine to avoid attacking NATO.

Just now he knows that Ukraine has both shell and manpower shortages. It will take a while to ramp up the former, due to the Gaza situation (as Israel is in the market), but the latter might become a problem for Ukraine.

Moreover If there was another (after Gaza) external focus (eg a Chinese airplane colliding with a U.S. jet in the South China Seas - an everyday risk apparently), or even just a Trump Presidency those might change the equation enormously.



Who had engine cowling in the bits falling of Boeing planes this week pool?


things are going well for Boeing eh??


This was a 2015 plane, so maybe a bit harsh to blame Boeing for not maintaining it properly? :man_shrugging:


It’s also the older 737-800 which I think doesn’t have the same issues as the newer max. Hope not anyway, I’ve got a couple of trips booked that use them :slightly_smiling_face:

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