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true but it just adds more fuel to the Boeing fire

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That’s two now, I wonder how many more cases will be made? If this succeeds then much of the West could face similar.

While I don’t think that the U.S. recognises the court full stop (please correct me if I am wrong), it would be a brave nation that made a case against the U.S.

It takes a particular type of twat to play fast and loose with definitions over something so serious…

It probably loses something in the translation, but how does first offence = big penalty and second offence = small penalty…

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It’s a rolling 3 year calculation, isn’t it?

Presumably if you commit the 1st offence you’re almost certain to commit the 2nd? :man_shrugging:

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I believe so…

i am not sure how quickly the evaluation is done…ie…does it allow the club sufficient time to offload assets and come back in to line…

It certainly seems a very inconsistent way of managing the problem…or the process is inconsistently applied…

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have any cases been successfully made?

you first have to demonstrate that genocide has taken place/is taking place…

Comment from Luton player on the BBC Sport site:
“Everton would have known they weren’t going to be inside that £105m debt mark because they spent £30m in the summer, they spent that knowing they weren’t going to make this £105m target. I think clubs just thought it would be a fine and a slap on the wrists and get on with it.”


yep, but that would allow the rich clubs to overspend and just pay the fine…

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I think this 2nd sanction for Everton is small because the period it covers was also covered by their previous sanction.


We know that South Africa’s referral led to some interim action, but the bulk remains outstanding with the court.

While it will likely take a few years, with the benefit of cool calm hindsight, who knows what the court will decide.

There is a much bigger picture at play here EJC than simple emotional responses to a tragedy. Even within the domestic politics of Israel, evidenced by the internal protests etc.

In a way it’s a living example of an age old problem suffered by leaders throughout history. It is also a lesson for individuals globally who reacted with (understandable) rage, as opposed to calm thought out responses.

Well, who would have known…thank you for enlightening me…

any successful cases of determining ‘acts of genocide’?

how about doing some research on ‘acts of genocide’ and doing some of that thinking thing you extol?

of all the people on this planet i would give some allowances to, i think it is probably the jews, perhaps along with the kurds, and definitely the twa.

Perhaps I have EJC. I may just see things differently to you.

Tolerance of different views, opinions, analysis and judgements are hallmarks worth the effort.

It is up to the Court to decide if Acts of Genocide have taken place. Not you, nor me.

fast and loose with definitions…

There are no acts of genocide…it is either genocide or it is not…

…. Aaaannnndd - they’re still going :laughing:


Of course…

When people want to change definitions to agree with their narrative, i am more than willing to object…


And all because I posted…

Do you not think it worthy of anyone to protect the definition of the term genocide?

I appreciate that people might not have been aware that 7 million jews died in a genocide by the proper definition…it might have slipped them by…easily done i guess…but drawing inappropriate comparisons to make an incorrect statement does risk causing offence…particularly when so much time and trouble has been taken previously to demonstrate why one of the current protagonists certainly wants to remove the other but hasn’t the means and the other protagonist has the means but seems to be very poor at living up to that definition.

Or that the article was released on the 30th anniversary of a more recent genocide that pretty much did away with the Tutsis and the Twa…

in fact a cynic such as i might have thought that the timing of the Nicaraguan claim was a direct stab at the UN for not doing anything about Rwanda…hence my calling them twats…Indeed anyone interested in the term ‘acts of genocide’ might do well to look that up…but i appreciate that would require some investment in time and it is far easier to just repost hyperbole…

Indeed, if only i had the time to think about it, then a cynic like me might also consider why a country like Nicaragua might wish to point the finger elsewhere…perhaps to deflect away from their own issues at home?..not really a place to travel on your holidays at the moment, is it?



Iirc I read yesterday that he was blackmailed into giving the phone numbers as he had been compromised.


  1. In Britain today who really cares if you are on Grinder? Gay, have a penchant for naked short people on motorbikes, etc?
  2. If someone tries to blackmail you, they have you by the knackers and likely it will never end. So just accept the situation and let them do their best/worst. Better that than a lifetime of blackmail.