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Naked in The Cairngorms throughout midge season.


It does, and a hefty fine which makes the judges decision seem odd. I’m guessing they think a jury trial is more appropriate rather than length of sentence in this case


the gallows made from the tree they chopped down? or hung from a sister Sycamore the old fashioned way?

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Chop a limb off? Seems like an appropriate Sentence.


Call it wellness throw in a bit of plant food and you can charge good money for that ‘experience’ :grinning:



Are you off your head?

  1. I can’t help it if you can’t understand simple stuff.
  2. How in any reality would your claim re Putin be true based on my words? Oh I forgot see 1.

Come on ejc, play fair. You have harangued me for years. It really is simple. Be nice. Even the U.S. got that a couple of decades back (as explained before).

Go on have the last angry (might not be the best word), pedantic word ejc, you know you can’t help yourself.

(For others, no I am not continuing this but ejc needed calling out out as he like GrahamO? was, is becoming keen on putting words in my mouth/making illogical statements re my beliefs).

My relevant words ejc was quoting/commenting on….” Why? Well I have explained that often enough. Until we, the human race, find a way to raise our self’s up from the addiction of darkness (greed, ego, desire for power and fear of losing it)”

Educational lesson in esoterics 1 on 1. Ejc has (to the best of my count) prepared 3 or 4 replies but not yet posted them. He might just be trying to craft it as best he can, (either to get his point across or to make me look bad) but equally he might be fighting his urge to always have the last word. If so I hope he can win that internal battle are move a positive step forwards.

i don’t really do angry. it’s not an emotion i’ve felt much in the last thirty years…and such that i do, it takes a bit more than differences of opinion on a forum to get me there.

You are of course entitled to your beliefs, however you tend to present them on here more as facts, and, at the least, as opinions. You are of course free to post them as you see fit, and i have gone to lengths to ensure that you are encouraged and supported to do so. However, like everyone else, they are subject to public scrutiny and feedback. That’s the point of a public forum.

As hyperbolic as the pic in @jeffb’s post is, it is filled with irony as is recognised by his use of the emojis. It is a clever and pithy observation of the situation. Fear and dark humour. I like that.

@joex’s response is very Joex. Whoever put the subtitles to our avatars knew their stuff (I am guessing @Jorgan, or he at least did mine). There is a healthy dose of unsaid stoicism in these kind of posts from Joex which i also admire, however, in this situation he is only a heretic because the default world position appears to be one of apathy.

As to why I disagree with your post…as a low resolution world view, it adds nothing to the dialogue and nor does it explain this situation. You are correct that there has been years of disagreement between us, but you have been repeating this low res narrative (and others) for years. Other forumites as well as I have questioned and challenged these posts over the years, but often your views do not stand up to much inspection which then causes friction. These misunderstandings may of course come about because you are at the leading edge of thinking and we are not, or because there are actually some well educated, deep thinking, very smart people on this forum and you are simply mistaken on a number of matters. I guess the reality is somewhere between the two. I had thought however that, over time, you might have used such feedback to refine your arguments.

As a low resolution theory, i am guessing that it doesn’t work because the world is a spectacularly complex place; that we have never been in such a privileged position before, that the last twenty years has allowed many more people to share that privilege, that it will be some time before more people in the world have access to that luxury, that turning off this tap at this point in time is probably not the best thing to do, that those who do not currently have access might be excused their extreme desire to do so by various means within reason and that, whatever, we simply do not know how much inequality there needs to be to allow the world to function in any meaningful sense.

Your cry for some universal wisdom when the world is yet to share in the benefits of life, expecting people without the means to live in harmony, i think, lacks critical thinking. Especially when you yourself get flustered on a simple triathlon forum.

You may of course have access to more information, however, like most people on this planet, I think we are awaiting more detail on this particular situation. It is certainly not a cut and dried, dark and light tale. A fascist who supports Ukraine attempted to murder a Putin ally. I wonder which falls into which category? As you know from your french foreign legion life, the fascist Slovaks are not to be messed with.


Charming. I will let others judge that.

Lovely. i can see that getting esoteric post of the year at the summer ball. You might double up with erotic post of the year with your XXX post.

To answer the question. Sometimes. I am after all, a common or garden paratrooper. But, as I have been at pains to point out, the world is far more complex than the low resolution narrative presented by you.

How is my claim re Putin based on your words? Your low res puts it as dark and light (in the context of your historic darkness posts). I don’t see it that simply…but it’s your narrative…by all means place the pro-Putin or the fascist into the appropriate category.

Gosh and so it goes on…

But…but you have an ego (see your low res narrative…they fall on the dark side) and you want to get a couple of jabs in and then cry foul…

Sometimes it is really hard to understand your beliefs because they are not terribly clear in their explanation and presentation. You think that you have done a good job, but most of us are left scratching our heads. We only have to look at the alien/ufo thread to see how quickly you divert away when questioned and/or how thin the veneer of understanding actually is. As an example, one of the key pieces of evidence of ufos in this country (can’t remember where, cba to look back) was the residual radiation. No one on this planet has demonstrated to even the least degree of certainty that ufos produce any radiation at all. That point went right over your head like a ufo in flight. But anyone seriously interested in the truth would have investigated this point and had a prepared answer. I guess it is in none of your books and so…

As pointed out above, there are some clever cookies on this forum.
Rather than taking their feedback on board, and developing your theories accordingly, or learning to present your arguments more clearly, you always choose to cry foul. You have that right to do so, but, of course, so have we all to be critical.

I am not sure that i want a 1 on 1 with you Sloggers…certainly not in a Daryl Hall and John Oates sense…and despite your FFL ancestry, i think you might be in trouble in a pugilistic sense, especially as my pacifism has been challenged of late re the middle east…

I guess you might mean esoteric 101, but i have no idea how watching the internet do nothing is esoteric. Perhaps that really is at last something esoteric in being likely to be understood only by very few people.

One reply. Cooked dinner. Eaten dinner. Phoned home (et = alien = ufo). Spoken to an athlete. Message an athlete. Ironed a shirt for tomorrow.

I try to craft all my replies…particularly the flippant ones.

Why else post?

Your paranoia is getting bad…and your ego…

i don’t think you look bad, but you certainly don’t do yourself many favours with a lot of your posts…

I don’t have any urge to have the last post on any subject. The purpose of a forum is to discuss. All my posts are open to the critique of others. For example, you might challenge me on the point of forumites being intelligent, and you would be right to do so, because i didn’t take account of @Hammerer. Equally, i might challenge you on your post of reincarnation and coming back at whatever that X post was meant to be, when you know that those who attain enlightenment are not coming back…now that’s a positive step forwards





Im esoteric, thats why you dont understand me


I think you lose people with this post but you need not.

Your point - if people could just be nice to each other - can be communicated more simply. But it’s also not realistic, it’s saying if we all stopped being human, everything would be okay. Greed ego love beauty sharing and competing is humanity,

You then lose people further with your reference to what, you know, almost every here thinks is complete bollocks. As a heretic @explorerJC :wink: , you have to expect everyone to push back against something you know they will all call bollocks on. See my CICO is Lies thread for a long painful example. So i pretty much keep that stuff to that thread.

in contrast, and I think I’m quite a broad minded, tolerant person, but if I ever read the word ‘esoteric’ again I may put my eyes out with a rusty spoon.



absolutely…but sometimes it is tilting at windmills…

@GeordieM left one lying around somewhere…probably needs a quick wipe…


People have likely been saying this for centuries; it’s always going to be undermined by Human nature I’m afraid. All the way from ‘micro aggression’ on the school run… to invading your neighbours.

I often feel that people forget we’re a herd animal and our behaviour is driven as such. Can’t see it changing before we become extinct.

Sidebar: Our extinction is often referred to as the end of the world but it really isn’t.


Not just that, but one that has to challenge others for resources…


The most common cause for wars? aka ‘competition’.

I know Putin has his geopolitical view of the world; but it just so happens that the Donbas and the regions of Africa that Russia is ‘supporting’ are crammed full of minerals.



that and religion…



I won’t bite


Thankfully on the losing side last time…

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Lost nothing, whereas you’ve lost credibility…

Sad really…



I owe you an apology. Sorry.

I am not entirely sure what motivated that post but it seems to be a combination of being in a diabetic hypo (which makes me difficult…my third ever) and me projecting my own anger on an issue (anger is also mighty rare for me) onto you.

I hope that you have it in you to forgive me. While I go and do more inner work on myself to fathom out why I got angry (that’s easy I have now been physically assaulted by every member of my household and I have been coming to terms with that given I don’t have the financial ability to leave and start again or the desire to leave my home of over two decades) and why I then projected it on you.

I know that it is human nature but I had thought that I had conquered that years ago.

So once again, and I do mean this, sorry ejc.