Doka's injury, surgery & recovery story in one place

@Doka – Forgive me for pulling some of your recent posts into one thread.

However, it is possible that some TriTalkers will have missed this all together.

Unfortunately, it is now clear that your situation has gone from bad to worse.

So, I hope a single thread will allow:

  • You to keep us posted.

  • Us to send you our best wishes.

@Doka – Honestly, my first thought when I read “take away the foot” was “Holy f**k!”.

But, full credit for your positive attitude in the face of this unexpected adversity.

I really hope that things go as well as can be expected from here.

Take care, Paul.

Just let us know if there is somewhere you’d like some cash donated in your name.
(E,g. Air ambulance, hospital, etc.)

Similarly, if you need extra cash for a specialist prosthetic, you know where we are.


Woah. Had completely missed this.

Not much to say now than best of luck with the rehab; physical and mental. As you say perspective is key, both on what could have been if their hadn’t been the best possible person there at close hand to help you, but also in what still can be.

Inspiring to see the positivity. I’m sure most here would like to think we’d react that way and use mindset learned from our little hobby, but I’m sure it’s completely different actually in the moment.

That won’t stop there being bleak days ahead, but I hope you can keep that faith that they’ll improve, and get support when you need it.

:muscle: :ok_hand: :+1:


Goodness what strength to get this far! All the best for everything to you and your family. How life changes in an instant.


Bloody hell @Doka - I’d missed that last part :scream:

I hope things go well for you today, whatever you decide :muscle:t3::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Good words @chriswim :ok_hand:t4:

Thoughts are still with you @Doka. :crossed_fingers:t3: :heart:


It’s really hard reading your latest news, I cant imagine what you are going through at the moment.

Clearly it’s going to be a very long recovery, however you’ve always got this community to provide support any time you need it

Given the choice between a severly impaired foot (with no chance of recovery) and a prosthetic, I would also agree with you; there is far more scope to maintain a sporting and active lifestyle. It may slow you down a bit, however, age is doing that already.


Really nicely put @Chriswim. Hopefully our little hobby will also give you some motivation to get back and taking part again.

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You’re smiling more than many would be able to. Keep strong, and I hope the surgeries go as planned.


Really sorry to hear your recovery isn’t going as planned. Despite your description of the original incident I still didn’t fully appreciate the severity. Keep a positive attitude…which reading your messages sounds like you have.

Hope the correct treatment will allow you to heal faster. Stay strong! :hugs:


I also have missed the latest development. @Doka, I can only echo what others have said here. Our little community is fantastic, helpful with a broad range of experience that you should absolutely call on when you need to.

You are showing immense mental strength but you are not on your own, you have everyone here :+1:


Feel so bad for you reading this @Doka.

Thoughts are with you.


@Doka Assumed that a few days in hospital and you’d be back on it and didn’t realise the latest development. Just wishing you all the best in your recovery.

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Crikey, also missed the latest. Good luck Sir, with thoughts and best wishes.

So sorry to read the latest @Doka

Great that you’re remaining upbeat

Wishing you all the best, stay strong :muscle:t2:

cfuk me - that last part is harrowing.

but before you finally decide @Doka on an amputation please listen to the medics and their prognosis for your outcome. I nearly lost my left lower leg to developing gangrene following osteomyelitis - I was 10 - but the medics insisted on therapy after an emergency op. the leg’s still with me - looks a mess - and still works…

stay positive - TT is with you all the way


What a positive attitude you have. Wishing you all the very best in the challenges ahead.


Bloody hell!

Really really hope today goes well for you.

Stay strong.


Thinking of you @Doka, your positive attitude, and openness is amazing.


Wow. I’m so glad for you that there were quick thinking people on the scene in minutes, to literally save your life. It could have ended very differently. I’ll digest the rest later, but you’re here, posting on an Internet forum, so it’s largely positive in retrospect :pray:

All the best, fingers crossed for a good outcome.


@doka, also wanted to say, I’m no stranger to surgeries and rehabs and when I said you aren’t alone, I know you will have family but with the best will in the world, IME, they just don’t get it sometimes and they drive you mad with care but don’t get the sporting loss. (which sounds odd and cruel).

Feel free to vent, rant, joke etc here. You’re amongst like minded nutters. :sunglasses: