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How did your day work out @Doka?

Was good thanks, set off on right of the swim when all the fast uns were on the left & when I looked up there was a line from the left streaching out that I couldn’t get to and they swam away from me so solo swim but no disaster


Transition was painfully slow but didnt need to be fast & much to improve. Bike went well, had a bit of a ding dong with a tandem on the first lap, they were soo slow on the dead turns but then stamped on the pedals out the turn, took all of the first lap (5 total) to clear them. Worked as hard as I could, about 35mins I think but lots of dead turns. Weather was perfect & it was a good day out with plenty learnt.


Good work buddy, sounds like a good start to your journey!


Awesome :+1::+1::+1:

Was it swim/bike or was there run too?


well done mate.

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It was a triathlon but i can’t run yet as I’ve no blade so just came to swim bike, draw a line in the sand and see what para triathlons all about & let the BT guys see where I’m at.


passed the message on. she says you did superbly well given how long it’s been between your accident and now - onwards and upwards! glad you had a good day out - at least the weather played nicely


After leaving my leg in transition I headed to the portaloos for a pre race pit stop, on the way the walking stick went in a road grate that was just wide enough for the bung on the end to pass through but pull it off when I pulled the stick out. Then had the comedy of entering the water on a sandy beach at the race start with the thin walled stick end sinking about 5 inch deep on each step :grinning:. Seems spare sticks are somthing else to add to the ever increasing para kit list.


Only just caught up with this, I did the HPCP with him and Jack Hall, Lucy’s brother

And congrats, sure it will all work out with your positive attitude

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Lovely bloke, been looking after me today too taking vids of transition etc for review later.


Good laugh as well. Ask him about Peters Pizza in Luffbra, went there a few times :rofl:
He was guiding a blind athlete for a while, believe he became world champ

He guided Dave Eliis for a while - multiple World Champion and should have won in Tokyo bar a bike mechanical which took him out. He was racing - well more of a training sesh according to Mrs FB - yesterday.


Unsuprissing then that he had a comfortable win yesturday.