Eastbourne Olympic Triathlon

Sunday 15th June…not the new Ironbourne event in July.

Anyone got experience of it?

£79 at the moment, registration cutoff forces an overnight stay.

not raced it but know it very well from a TO perspective, and helping the organisers (both current who took it on last year, and previous) help get it off the ground. I also lived in the town for many years so know the routes well.

it won BTF Commercial Event of the Year last year, and this year is an ETU age group qualifier event.

it’s well organised, has a tough bike course around Beachy Head and a challenging run. the sea swim is a sea swim - always at the mercy of weather.

anything else you need to know??


Yeah I saw it on the BTF site, it’s just over two hours away by train and I was down there on Monday - much nicer now the pedestrianisation is complete. Still has the needle exchange in the station car park though.

I didn’t see the route on the website so if it’s sea swim (been there, done that) and a non-offensive run (up and down the promenade I suppose?) then I could be in. Subject to the wife of course.

Oh, non-drafting right?

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yep - it’s non drafting.

the courses are here - https://www.eastbournetriathlon.co.uk/standard/. however, the bike course may change a little this year and have 2 full laps so it will come back to the start area after lap 1 and repeat rather than what’s shown on that link. that will make it a bit tougher. we’re meeting with the organisers on Saturday to go through some matters relating to the Ironbourne event so will check if that 2 lap setup is still the plan for this Standard distance.

don’t think the run is changing - mostly flat but that 400m kicker up Holywell Hill will sting on each lap.

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No on-the-day registration for an Oly Dist? Sounds likely to put-off anyone who’s not local.

Cheers, missed that.

Looks good, will apply for permission shortly…

will come back about final bike course details after the meeting tomorrow but whatever, it’s still a bugger of a bike! get your climbing legs on song - you’ll need them

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Yeah 600m of climbing and nothin flat, it won’t be a great performance from me, I haven’t put my name down yet as no response from the wife yet.

just to confirm that the bike leg will be 2 full laps with each lap returning to the start/finish area rather than what’s shown on the course map which is last year’s course - map on website will be updates asap. swim and bike are the same

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Does that mean two “foot down laps”?

Just watched this vid…running out of the sea on the pebbles sounds totally unfunny!

Bikes kept on the grass, so won’t want overnight rain.

yep - 2 foot downs. it’s for safety as that junction can have fast traffic coming up/down which you could possibly not need to stop for but just in case and to make it fair for all it was decided to have a compulsory foot down.

the swim run out is partly carpeted and you can have some footwear to slip on to run to T1.

bike on grass - not unusual - just get in with it!

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just an update - event now postponed until 2021 - all the relevant info on the website.

we were given the heads up yesterday by the organisers (Mrs FB was Chief TO for it as it was an ETU a/g qualifier) but had to wait for them to officially announce it.

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Cheers man, itll be on my wishlist for 2021. :+1:

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