easyJet Vouchers - how to generate

My wife can get a 12 month voucher for her June flights, but she can’t work out how to create/redeem it on the website. Anyone been through this?


Yes but do you think I can remember.

I immediately chose new flights so that may have been easier. Let me go back through my emails.

Also, does she have a login (an “account”), I think that’s how I did my change.

Yes pretty sure she has an account; she’s always flying back & forth.

Probably not a huge help but KLM told me it’s likely to be another 4 weeks for mine and it was about 9 weeks ago they cancelled it.

If you’re being offered vouchers, can you not just get a full refund?

I guess if the flights are not officially cancelled yet, then maybe not, but why not wait and see rather than accept the vouchers now? Unless there’s only a small current window of opportunity for the vouchers and she just doesnt want to fly anymore even if the flights do go ahead.

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Ok so it’s via the “manage my booking” part of the website once you’ve logged in. If I remember it was a bit counter intuitive the process of selecting the flights and choosing to change them but it was a series of tick boxes and then selecting the new flights.

I would imagine that the option to cancel selected flights, then choose the refund method would be the same.

Hopefully you can figure it out. They never make it easy.

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I’d be pushing for a refund, you have no idea what airlines will still be operating in 12 months time.

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I went for the refund option, however they said it may take 90 days.

Originally they were criticised for making this available by phone only and not having anyone answering the phones, but now its just an online form to fill in.

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Finally got my refund - took about 6weeks

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Still got nothing from KLM, did actually check a day or two ago. Their website now says if I accept vouchers and use them soon I actually get an extra 15%, sounds a bit like a DFS sale event :rofl:

Although it also suggested that if I haven’t used a voucher after 12 months they’ll offer cash rather than losing everything.

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