Energy Bills

Just curious if you’ve seen a big rise in your power bill? We’ve just had a Spring bill, which I was dreading because we’ve all been home since March 13, using lights, tons of washing and multiple showers a day because of training, cooking etc, plus the heating was a lot back then.

I was actually surprised, our normal combined gas/electric bill for spring would be about £220 and this one was £303. I was fully expecting it to be closer to £500.

My electricity usage has gone up by about 20% since start of lockdown, due to WFH. Electricity is relatively cheap compared with gas though (which is still on usual seasonal usage) so bill won’t have gone up much

Thankfully it’s been warm so heating off mostly, we have a really old inefficient boiler. I moved to Flipper earlier this year and my tariff is about as cheap as it gets.

If you are working from home a lot more now and you’re a taxpayer there is an option to claim a £6 per week tax credit as a result of increased costs.


Nice tip. Will need to remember to do that once back in the office. I’m already into week 13. Not exactly huge sums, but the tax credit would cover about half a months DD on the utilities already. Guess my gf could claim as well, in which case between us that would already be a full month of utilities.

On the main question, I’m not sure at the moment. That’s the stupid thing about smart meter roll out. I had them installed, switched provider, and now they’re apparently no longer valid with the new provider. What an ill conceived plan if they hadnt thought through cross-company compatibility when they made it a requirement for people to have them installed.


That’s version 1. V2 are cross-supplier compatible. The older ones will have a software upgrade which will bring the smart functionality back.

To be fair I was aware it had been resolved, but it still doesnt change the point that implementing smart meters before they’d sorted out a single standard for all energy suppliers was a bit stupid. Going off topic a bit, but are you saying I can get E-On to do something that will reactivate the smart functionality of the meters I had installed by a different provider? I asked when I switched, and they said there was nothing they could do and I just had to wait to be at the top of the list of v2 smart meters?

We overpay our dual fuel bill, to cover through winter.
£120pcm is more than covering it - but we do sit here in the dark, with no heating on.

It’s been bloody roasting recently!

Thats my normal per month bill, 2 adults, 3 kids, 4/5bed 1930s house.

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Yeah we are just three, with a small house but our bills have always been fairly low. We run the washing machine a lot but we don’t have a dishwasher. We’ve had dishwashers in other houses and still never used them. I don’t know if they suck a lot of juice?

The other thing is that we have fans on in two bedrooms all night, overnight (I can’t sleep without white noise) and my daughter just likes it on but can sleep without it.

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That’s like me, 2 adults, 3 kids, boiler installed in 1990. Winter months, the bills are £200+ and the summer months it’s more like £80 so averages out to around £120pcm.

I’d say children don’t really make much difference - do they?

You still need to heat your house anyhow, whether or not kids are there?
We all watch TV in the same room anyway.

Then, why do I sound like my dad whilst stomping round the house turning off lights?

edit: I think the biggest difference is the fact I’m heating a 4 bedroom house and not much smaller place. I also run the washing machine 7 ish times a week, the tumble dryer maybe 4 times a week, the dishwasher daily++.

Washing machine and more heating. I’d be happy sitting in the cold, and even making my wife just put more clothes on. But since becoming a dad I’ve softened, and don’t mind warming the house for them all.


Hmm…I have the heating on most of the day.

And washing loads can be spaced out.
But yeah - kids use more washing.

So stop doing sport!
I do about three loads of sports stuff per week.
If I want to wear a nice kit again, I’ll stick it in on 20degs for 20mins.

Just had our winter bill, which I was dreading because we’ve had the heating on heaps, lord knows how many showers each day, probably average 6 loads of washing a week and I’ve had the de-humidifier running 12hrs a day in the garage.

£344 for both gas and electric. That’s only about £50 over what our normal winter bill would be. Happy with that!


For three months, or six months???

3mths. Don’t tell me, you use twice that amount for half the price! :rofl:

We’re £120pcm, but using about £160pcm at the minute, use about £80pcm in the summer, so it all levels out :+1:t3:

I was thinking “£344 for six months. Does he have an underground heat pump powered by solar or something???”

haha no I wish. Our spring/summer/autumn bills range from £220 per qtr to about £260 and our winter bill is approx £290.

I know British Gas get slated but I’ve always found our bills lower than I expect. We don’t have a smart meter and I don’t do d/d. Apparently I can save a whopping £6 p/a if I go with fixed price. :smile:

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Ours has gone up considerably in the last year. Everybody at home, and my wife likes the heating on during the day, plus the Reptile Vivarium running costs since last May. We’re on Heating Oil.

Our Smart Meter is finally due to be installed this month; so that should give me an idea of what the Vivarium is drawing power wise (heat mat 24/7 and the heat/UV bulb during the day).