European Championships, Munich August 2022

European Champs in Munich ( and Rome? ) have started - women’s marathon at the mo

Munich’s a nice city, very green and open along the river as I remember - lots of space.

Only been there briefly with bike - we flew over with our bikes then headed over the Alps. I think we crossed a through tiny portion of Switzerland too… up to a ski resort, down a HUGE switchback section into Italy - spat out by Lake Garda, then onto Verona

Track sprint yesterday was a great watch. Felt sorry for Jack Carlin who came so close to gold despite having crashed and was bleeding through his skinsuit.

Also, Lotte Kopecky managed to gain 3 laps in the points race? :exploding_head:

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Climbing boulder finals were great to watch. BMX freestyle too


Ooh it’s all going on - men marathon, some field event heats etc

Didn’t realise all that stuff was in it

I like Munich, worked there quite a lot back in the day.

I remember doing a long run in that huge park (Englischer Garten?), anyway I was barrelling along, noticed a few signs in German but had plotted a route so ignored them and carried on.

Next thing I knew I was in an area of the park where everyone was stark bollock naked. Everything else was normal, games of frisbee, some picnics etc, just no bloody clothes.

And before anyone thi no s I’d stumbled across some erotic utopia, they were nearly all old and wrinkled. Think it’s very much an older generation thing.

Anyway the long slow run became a fartlek until I saw some clothes again :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I caught the women’s lead climbing semis and it was so clear once again that Garnbrett is the class of the field and was going to take gold. It’s a great spectator sport.

I’m now off climbing with a friend tonight :grin:

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Bouldering is a better watch than leading IMHO, the positions can change more through the competition and there is more jeopardy. Some of the problems were nuts too

(I used to be a climber before switching to tri!)

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Eilish McColgan running the 10k final this evening…

No Kenyans

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Mein Gott!!

Men’s marathon finish! :hushed:

He looked like he meant business when he jettisoned his cap


wow wow wow



… and on the couch… Tonia Couch

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Wow! Check out the Rome diving venue :hushed:

Yes, I have been to Munich more than a few times…

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Just watched the last few kms! Amazing!


it’s a fab location…

It’s a 200m track, isn’t it? Easier to gain an lap than on a standard 250m track.

Yep - but also much harder to come round in the track sprint comp.

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Was very happy Hannah Meul got silver :blush: