Fantasy Tour De France 2021 ***NO SPOILERS***

Same link as last year, league automatically renewed:

Join me in the league now no.1768 : TriTalk
By clicking on this link : Tour de France Fantasy by Tissot


Nice one

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:notes:It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!:notes:

Oh my, this may take some time…


Provisional team is in!

6 days and counting😬

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Nice. I’m in. Need to start doing some research.

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Need to remember the valuable lesson I learned last year…now what was it?!


Hmmm. Where to start with this one!? I can’t even decide on my first rider, letalone who should be my key GC man.

I did really well in the Giro. Not sure why, but think i’m going to bomb on this one! :rofl:

edit - ok i’m in. First draft done. I’m not bothering with trying to be all tactical with my credits, i cba. But i’ll use them if any of my key riders are totally bombing or crash i think.

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Team provisionally selected. Odd to see Chris Froome ranked as worth 9ts!


Pogacar or Roglic? Roglic must be coming back with a renewed fire after last year, but not seen much of him this year. He will be fresh, but is he race ready. Tricky decisions.

No Cav either? I thought he was looking good and likely to be picked. Guess not

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Only if Bennett didn’t recover from his injury. Bennett was always the first pick i believe.


WRONG!! :rofl: (well i was right in my reasons, but Bennett hasn’t recovered)

Cav has just been announced in the squad


Excellent. Love a bit of Cav. Even if he doesnt do well in the race he is good for entertainment


Same format as the Giro where you select a team and it’s done?

I seem to remember captains being decided daily last year?

Yeah - captain earns double points that day.

You also have a few hundred ‘credits’. It costs 50 credits to swap a rider out. So up to you if you just select and leave it … but the like of @Poet will clearly be swapping in and out depending on the parcours for the next few days e.g. Caleb Ewan out after a week when he cries off home after a stage win.

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Yes remembering to select the correct road captain each day can make or break your scoring

Yup. Personally i prefer the one and done way of doing it. That way you have to roll with the road. If your team DNF due to crashes, sorry. Tough luck.

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That will save me a few quid then. Who is the dominant sprinter now?

What’s the etiquette on race discussion - are we doing it on here?

Mark Padrun out - clearly the kryptonite was glowing too brightly to put him in another race… :wink:

Having fluked the Giro I’m going to pick my ‘personalities to win’ team again, rather than my ‘I think they are the best’ team.

a - it saves a lot of research time and head scratching
b - it’s more fun
c - picking Cavendish as my sprinter over Caleb means I’m screwed


Didn’t Cav beat Caleb in a sprint the other day?


One can always hope. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe Cav will cut the mustard when everyone brings their A game but surprises do happen

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