Fantasy Vuelta

Really? Not seen anything about that.

Riis is struggling for a sponsor as NTT are pulling out.

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Sorry…it was B&B hotels.
And a running joke on the ITV TdF podcast :see_no_evil:

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Worth noting velogames leagues automatically roll over from event to event. So we now have two separate TT leagues … this new one, and the one from the Giro (which actually has 1 more team in it for the Vuelta than the new one)

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I had Dani Martinez and Michael Woods.

Yeah, great.

Roglic and Carapaz :upside_down_face:


I also have Woods and Valverde. Hopefully now free to go on the attack

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Prologue winner for the 2nd Grand Tour in a row. Watch Roglic and Martin crash out now.

By Prologue you mean opening stage? I always thought of the Prologue as a TT.

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The team just hasn’t had the results in recent years. They started out as the “African team”, but lost that identity to a large extent when they brought in riders from elsewhere to get the results that they needed to maintain their WorldTour status.

The South African economy is in a real state, so I think they’ll struggle to get a South African company to support them, particularly if they haven’t got a South African rider giving them good results.

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They’ll ignore their roots, watch Riis look for a Scandinavian partner.

It wasn’t even designed to be an opening stage. It should have been stage 4! I think that’s why it was so good.

A prologue is definitely just a short TT, like at the Giro this year. A punchy 10-15min(ish) effort. If you had a 40k TT, I would not class that at as a prologue either.

I think the official definition of a prologue is less than 8km. Any longer than that and it’s just a TT


I don’t know, their website has Africa and Qhubeka plastered all over it. Riis only owns 1/3rd of the team, so unless it’s last chance saloon and there’s no other option, I can’t see them dropping the African theme.

I heard Lynx (or Axe) were sniffing around for sponsorship opps.


There’s a hell of a lot of abandons and it’s only stage 2😮

Who? Can we all swap out Michael Woods, who is clearly not himself?

I will focus on this once the Giro is over; hopefully there will still be riders left in it?

It’s been a pretty fiery opening couple of days. So weird to see two gc fights in two days!

Playing catch-up. Day one, did Froome actually get dropped on a descent?!

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