Feedstation video... help

Hi - it’s been a while since I posted here but I’m still lurking and reading! A while back I found a video showing some pro triathletes going through some feed stations - I can’t remember who but one of them (Kienle, Lange?!) has a mega efficient system and it was a joy to watch - but I can’t find it now - I don’t suppose anyone knows the vid I’m talking about and can link me to it at all? TIA!!

Not the Patrick Lange system then :rofl:


Hahaha! Brilliant - I’d not seen that before - but it’s really similar but (I think it’s still Lange…) is nailing the aid station - just flying through - clearly know the order of drinks/sponges/etc and just cruises through… this is not such a good one though…!!

Did he just pour coke down his top? :joy:

Great clip that.

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Brill - yep, I’d found that one too but it’s not the one I was thinking about - but it’s pretty slick…! I guess he has practiced the order everything is in and just grabs, drink, eats, sorts sponges etc on auto pilot - that’s super efficient…!