Finance/parents/care home question

That’s sad to hear. I wish you and your family the best of luck. :crossed_fingers:


Sorry to hear the MLT.

I’m unlikely to find out about the home taking up all of the money now. John’s health has really deteriorated and he is on his last legs.
He went in there in perfect physical health, it was his head that was gone. They decided to leave him to rot in his bed and he now can’t walk as it was 8 weeks till they tried to get him out of bed and now he can’t walk.

He isn’t eating or drinking and is being ‘fed’ supplements through injections and they can’t even feed him through a tube as he contracted Covid last week.

Hard to know what to say or do. My wife is in absolute bits and I’ve never felt so helpless. Not sure if we can take it if he dies in there alone after not seeing anyone for 10 weeks.

I know if we had been allowed some contact and they’d have kept him moving that he would be much better by now. He was last time.

He won’t die of Covid but it looks like it will be that that kills him.

I’ve wanted to post something on here for a couple of days but it is all a bit ‘woe is me’, but when the thread popped up again I decided to.

With regards to family and work life, I usually have the right things to do and say but I’ve got nothing. Heartbroken for my wife.

Sorry for the waffle.


Think nothing of the sort mate. We may all disagree on here about this and that but in the end, we are a great community and support.

I keep a lot of things in but sometimes feel it easier to spill to relative strangers.


Definitely easier to let it out on strangers as you expect nothing back and you aren’t ruining yourself mates’ day :smile:


Thinking of you guys. Gosh how tough it all is and all the battles we all fight in the privacy of our own homes.

My stepdad has been made redundant and at 64 in the current climate is unlikely to ever find a job. My parents house is on the market and they’re looking for somewhere small but comfortable and they think they have enough to keep them going for about 10 years. It’s not great but the plus side is they’re looking at houses closer to me.

I do hope you can all find a way through. Being an adult is a bit rubbish sometimes.


Sorry to hear what’s happening to your families; the COVID issue just makes it so much harder, as we can’t visit loved ones.

My thoughts are with anyone in this position.


That’s terrible news, and my thoughts go out to you both @Midlife_Trisis and @PCP



Reading or listening to the impact of these life events puts what we all do into perspective. There is so much that we feel we have no control over once people enter the care or health system and trying to get answers to our questions can meet with silence. We try to stay connected but with the present restrictions are mostly prevented from doing so and financial concerns wait in the long grass to ambush later.

Look after those that you can, look after yourself, accept that you will feel pretty low at times and take things one step at a time.

Best wishes to you all


that’s sobering stuff. @PCP and @Midlife_Trisis can’t do any more than offer my heartfelt sorrow at your awful situations. :pensive:


So sorry @PCP and @Midlife_Trisis. Must be so hard to see them relatively OK just few weeks ago. It absolutely sucks with the Covid situation and not being able to see them in hospital, even in their own homes. I have no advice regarding the financial side of things but just want to send you all some virtual hugs.