Fitba chatter

Please put your uncensored football banter here. And avoid ruining perfectly good tri-bantz. Plus we can spare Jorgan and Poet from this mindless dross!

Story of the day: Said Benrahma to West Ham. On loan, weirdly… GSB still out?

And the Derby. Liverpool need to win by 4 to go top. As a scouser and Evertonian, this is a perfect storm for my pessimism to go into overdrive. They let Villa win by 5 so they could take us down by 5. They are that evil. No, really.

And Leicester-Villa! And Man City -Arsenal!

The premier league is better than ever this year. Albeit without fans. Which might explain why it’s turned into NFL in terms of the randomness of its scorelines.

Anyway, please have your say. And out yourself as a Yeovil Town fan, why not?!


Fellow Evertonion here and looking forward to the match tomorrow for a change :smiley:
But I know how things can go horribly wrong :cry:

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Yes, this could be the start of a new era or a grim reality check. But weirdly I’m equal parts usual pessimism and mild optimism. Makes a change.

All I can think of is the 1986 cup final. We went 1-0 up and I went hurtling around the house in glee (I was 12). By the end I was in tears, much to my sisters amusement. Just don’t do that again please…don’t be good then be abjectly shit. If you have to be terrible, just do it from the frigging start!


Good transfer window from Spurs. Rodon in now as well.
Bale and Reguilon already, Rejuvenated.

Jose is annoying me right now in being so proficient and unprickly. Maybe, like Don Carlo, he always wanted a (relatively) smaller team…

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Spurs fan for my sins. Will be interesting to see how they go with the new signings.

Would love to see Everton get one over Liverpool this weekend. James Rodriguez is a great signing

Also is De Bruyne out against Arsenal?

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Man City very flaky. Can’t buy a defender no matter the cost. And surely Arteta will know the system inside-out.

This weekend in particular is full of really interesting fixtures…

Spurs v West Ham…Hammers very impressive in some games lately, same Spurs. Surely a 3-3 draw with 3 red cards then!

Leeds vs Wolves…classic 70s throwback that…bound to be a disappointment, so I reckon only 3-2 to Wolves.

Newcastle Man Utd…which superlative shitbag owner gets bragging rights? Another draw, albeit a shite 1-1 with another goal for Penno Penaldes. (Copyright F365).

Wolves fan here, YamYam Army!
You lot worry too much, when the act of being relegated through all four divisions gets called “Doing a Wolves” you know what hard times really are.
We’ve been poor since lockdown after a couple of really good seasons. I have faith in Nuno though, so not panicking just yet.

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Pfft, all you Premier League fans.

League Two is where it’s at.


Of course, they have yet again embarrassed the club. They do business like its Dagenham Market, they sold Grady for 12mill , a life long fan and youth player arguably the best left winger in Championship last year “because we had 8 wingers” and sign…a left winger. Good player but not what we need. One genuine striker on books, short on centre mids, and centre defence. We have a rented athletics stadium and a training ground with portacabins and God only knows what our medical facilities are like considering the injury records. Only one scout on the books, no plan for development just a scatter gun approach to recruitment based on Salthouse being the agent Oh and paying wilshere 3.75mill to leave saving us 750k over a year! Couldn’t make this up.
Positive we have a good first team but its largely tge same squad that nearly got us relegated. We are two injuries away from not winning in 10!


i think he is a reasonable signing…but giving someone like Anderson away without recouping any money is wasteful…

i saw a great post which said: The most likely club to sign Wilshire on a free is…West Ham…

we’ll resign Carlton Cole in the new year…


Life long gooner, with a soft spot for Peterborough United, the mighty Posh.

been a lean few years!

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In fairness, the last time I had a season ticket for Posh was when they were in League 2 and it was a cracking season… helped by the fact that we had great forwards, Craig Mackail-Smith and Aaron Mclean, with George Boyd in the midfield, laterly of Burnley fame, (that we inevitably couldn’t afford to keep for that long) and while we let a lot of goals in, we scored even more… lots of 6-3’s and 5-4’s!.
Must have been 10 or 12 years ago now.


AVFC here, been a proper roller coaster since my first visit to Villa Pk, from Div 3 to Champions of Europe, two totally embarrassing relegations in the late 80s and more recently. Lucky I guess that I was dragged to VP rather than St Andrews or Fellows Pk back in the day.

On to this weekend, I can only hope that we match our last Sunday evening k.o. however, in the recent years post-Filbert St we’ve not done so well against Leicester, I’d buy a draw right now.

As things stand I’m working on us needing another 27 points for safety, would prefer a few more and consolidate a prem place.

Look forward to ‘bants’ over the next however many weeks to the end of the season.

UTV :slight_smile:


Massive derby day here in Scotland today.

No not that one, the Southwest derby between Ayr Utd and the Pride of Dumfries and Galloway, the mighty Doonhamers, Queen of the South!!!

Will be watching the live stream and hoping Queens get the league season off to a good start.

The whole coaching staff is self isolating so the legends Stephen Dobbie and Wullie Gibson are in charge.

A bit different from the big money talk, we only had 3 players retained from last season so it’s a new squad, all free transfers or loan deals. Let’s see how this goes!

‘Mon eh South!! :blue_heart:

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I’m sure I remember in the 80s and 90s that they always held derbies the same day. So North London, Manchester, Tyne-Tees, Merseyside and Glasgow, basically whoever was in the top leagues plus the big Scottish one all in the same weekend? Why I don’t know, or even if it was real and not just fantasy (thanks Queen) but it always seemed to fall that way…give the British Transport Police a bit of a break maybe?

Developed a soft spot for Cowdenbeath back on the late 80s early 90s after they went on the fantastic more than a season without winning at home. Used to go to Central Park once a season. On one trip to the Lakes with Mrs S coincided with the Beath playing in the cup at QoS so the obvious thing to do was join the away fans, top afternoon in the fog, couldn’t see the far goal for periods of the game, narrow defeat.


Spurs fan here. Pessimistically optimistic about this season. Rodon seems to have completed the set of moves we needed to make. Always a good sign when a number of fans from the selling clubs feel like they’ve let a player go too cheaply.

Were back to having strength in depth across the board. Aurier even looks half decent when not automatically first choice. Reguillon could be a superstar.

Kane has really evolved his game, and if Bale can be half the player he was, that front three has at least the potential to challenge Liverpool’s threat level.

Ndombele also finally seems to be getting close to settling. He could almost become a new signing given his lack of contribution last year.

This season is set to be hugely unpredictable across the board. Its a lot of fun to watch. At least now they’ve moderated the stupid handball interpretation. I stopped watching anything mid gw3 as watching the games was just getting annoying, even when not watching spurs games.

Assume lots are on FPL? Worth setting up a TT league for a bit of extra chat/competition?


Oh fucking fucky fucks sake.

I hate football.


How a professional footballer endears himself to fans new and old. Benrahma was said to be stalling his move over a loyalty bonus, well he got it. Before you all say greedy barstard he donated the lot to the Brentford support staff. :clap: