Fleet consultancy

Sorry, boring work related question from me (again).

I don’t suppose any of you lot either work in either the fleet world or supply chain (i know there’s a few in that line of work).

I’m looking to source a few fleet consultants to have an initial discussion, with a view to one of them coming in to my orgainsation to do a full report on our current fleet setup. We’re only a Uni, not BT, so it’s a small fleet, but we want to tie in car hire/pool cars etc with a strong focus on electric wherever viable/possible.

I have no contacts in this area, so the best i’m currently managing is Google! @jeffb - any idea what you guys currently do - in house or external?

Happy to receive DMs if the advice is better off away from a public forum. Happy to share work email etc if needed on DM. I may even go as far as LinkedIn if that’s your thing?! :rofl:


you could try a guy called Peter Lague - I think he lives in Petersfield or if not close to - who had his own car leasing company called IVL Leasing (now part of Bridle Leasing). I’ve known Peter for about 20 years and leased a number of company vehicles through him over the years - plus my new one on a pesonal lease - and he’s a sound bloke.

if it’s OK I’ll ping him the content of your message and see what he thinks - DM me the Uni name if you don’t want to put it up here.

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I don’t think it’s a secret on here, if you looked at where I live. There aren’t many to choose from! :joy:

It’s Exeter.

Thanks FB.

OK ta - I’ll ping a message to him and let you know what he thinks

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Not one of the UK’s 3 premier Universities then; Oxford, Cambridge and Hull.



… Or Swansea, where its reputed that some of the nation’s greatest thinkers have passed through their hallowed halls!



Not sure about greatest. But I certainly was a trier!

Everyone knows that Oxford is a dump :wink: :rofl:

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@gingerbongo they guy I mentioned has come back to me and is interested to talk - I’ll DM you

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that’s great, thanks FP

This Forum is like a ‘Rolodex’; some nice networking opportunities!



I’d much rather this than, shudder, LinkedIn!

It’s taken me 10 years to even accept the term ‘networking’. Still gives me the creeps.


Networking is fine, when compared to ‘reach out’ :grimacing:

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LI was vital to my income when we had the recruitment business but I hated it with a passion. I finally ditched it at the end of last year and closed my account.

I have since had 2 e-mails from a so called account manager telling me about how good it would be for my business - despite my account being closed, the business sold, and me retired My first reply was curt and basically I told them the facts. My 2nd reply was less sympathetic - and had “fuck off” in there somewhere. Bastards.

EDIT: not fuck off but piss off as in “Piss off - I closed my account some time ago as I have retired”. nothing else - just that. :joy:



I just don’t like it because it’s too corporate and fake, and that’s not really me. But i do admit i can see the benefits when you’re looking for employment/opportunities etc. I guess i’ll take a proper look when i outgrow my role here.

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did you get my DM?

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On TT? :rofl:

of course!

@fatpom will have his director of procurement role by then, and he’ll be wanting a home based professional colleague of my, err, stature to join his merry band!

Isn’t @Matthew_Spooner a Director in supply chain as well? or did i make that up?!

My fallback has always been tree surgery. When i say fallback i mean totally retrain and try to get a job, cos it looks super cool.

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