Fleet consultancy

you don’t want to fallback when doing tree surgery - it could hurt. a lot. :slight_smile:


Yes, Director of ‘buying stuff’ or ‘getting hold of stuff and moving it to the right place at the right time’ :facepunch:

Get it on your CVs guys.

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You joke, but the number of calls I am on because our Manager of making sure the right amount of stuff is in the right place at the right time hasn’t managed it is infuriating.

It then becomes engineering’s problem to make something work from bits found under people’s desks.


Engineers probably didn’t spec and forecast it right in the first place :wink::joy:


I’m public sector. Its more Director of making sure people buy stuff according to the rules! :joy:


Don’t get me started on forecasting… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Also hate LinkedIn for the same reasons, but as it’s owned by Microsoft they made me sign up for an account in order to get access to some courses or something.

Unfortunately it now means some sales reps etc. see my job and it makes it easier to find me at work to ring me up to buy things!

I think we only have 1 or 2 fleet cars at work, so as a result they are probably done on ad-hoc lease with a local garage etc.

Our Estates dept have a few vehicles, van, street cleaner etc. but I think they might buy them outright given their age, and we have traditionally bought equipment like that outright, although I could be wrong.

Apologies if that’s not much help, I can possibly ask about if I can think who it might be.

I did work in the trade but I suspect it’s moved on a bit since the late 80’s! My guess is that there’s only a few big players left now anyway.

No that’s fine thanks.

We’re got a number of vehicles on lease at the mo - vans and trucks mainly. But we spend a lot on taxis (locally), hire cars and grey fleet. The exisiting fleet is also all over the shop (most central, but some depts have their own, normally, dodgy old stuff). So we’re looking to rationalise, get a fleet management solution in. whether that’s just management software or a company to come in and do it all, we’re just investigating at this stage.

Thanks though.

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coming back to that thing called LinkedIn - just seen this on Twitter - there really are some right arseholes on there

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Sadly they frequent any social media platform.


I’ll have you on future team mate. Performance reviews will include how generous you were with your navigation tips on AoA and there will be compulsory weekends crewin’. :grin:

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