Forget the footie...that AJ fight!

Wow, the man got taken to school by the Mexican Butterbean. Just watched it on youtoob.


And the Giro Was decent, too

And he took the fight at 6 weeks notice. Imagine how fat he must have been 6 weeks ago :joy:

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Took it at six weeks notice, but that was only a couple of days after his last fight so he was in good shape despite the looks. As AJ stamina showed, looks aren’t everything!

As Jim Watt would say “he’s a durable fighter Reg”

a big wake up call for AJ

AJ has ‘Frank Bruno-itis’. A bit muscle bound hence the poor stamina, a bit stiff, footwork a bit leaden and not have a ‘natural’ fighter’s instincts when hit. This has been coming, albeit not expected against this guy.

Needs a fairly drastic reboot IMO, under the tutelage of a top American trainer rather than leaping back in thinking ‘I just got a bit careless and got caught’, because he may get through Ruiz second time round but the flaws will remain and the next time won’t be far away, especially as the other guys will know it.

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This was definitely his ‘Rocky III moment’.

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I think he was just complacent in the build up. He was talking about his next fight, etc. I think the Bruno comparison I would use is that when he was hit he didn’t know what to do. He should have been holding and leaning on Ruiz while he recovers a bit. Walking backwards with his guard up is just asking to get tagged repeatedly.

That seems like a week 1 day 1 kind of lesson for a boxer.

Not really, it’s an experience thing, he isn’t really used to it. He’s normally dominating the fights with his size, power and speed. I suspect it’s something they will be working on from now on.

I think there’s a rematch clause…
Ruiz wants it in Mexico, a Mexican heavyweight champ is like hens teeth.
He’s the first and boxing is huge over there.
Fast Eddie will want it at Wembley, BUT it all boils down to we’re makes the most £££
AJ was certainly looking past Big Andy, Ruiz looked stoked from the min they announced it.
Strange how Parker was always beating Ruiz and yet AJ was always beating the Kiwi… but styles make fights as they say.
Big baby Millar should be banned for life… he will be back…
Sad that such a noble sport has a drug cheat awarded a 378? Million dollar contract and beating the best middle in years ( ggg) in a time frame were in 99% of other sports he would be still serving his suspension.
Boxing is my favourite sport to watch, but it’s rotten to the very core.

Very much like the #HalfIronWar

Never mind Allen vs Scott.
Our local pirate can be AJ, I’ll be the wobbling Ruiz

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Are there a few tri talkers getting it on?!

It’s a fast course ?

Far away for you though?

You sound ready

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Come over to the 113 thread…

Look at Eddy here promoting the fight!


@Poet is going to get a nose bleed this far south; do you have a passport even? :laughing:

Funny man!
I’m in London monthly and visit Paris annually, of course I have a passport :wink:

I used to do RNF events, so am used to a bit of southern action.
I even raced the Swindon Duathlon on some god foresaken airfield back in the day!