From drunk overweight golfer to triathlete in 3 days

company or components? I’ve run Campag on all my road bikes without problems for over 20 years.

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Company, very few, if any pro teams run campag now, no entry level components, engineering that seems designed to make it tough to work on. I doubt they shift enough volume to make any sort of profit.

Shame, I used to aspire to a campag groupset.

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only if you want to be visiting the bike shop again in 3 months because the cream cheese they are made with melted :wink:

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I notice no one ever mentions “SRAM” in these debates :wink: (X0’s were the thing to have in MTB circles in the mid 2000’s)

never had any issues with Campag components - I ran Chorus which was their equiv to Ultegra back in the day.

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Di2 on my road bike, SRAM on my gravel bike.

If I were purchasing a new mechanical groupset I would go SRAM; I like the clicky, positive feel of the shifting.

Do any of the big boys; Giant, Spesh, Trek etc offer a campag bike anymore?

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I recall a respected bike builder I know telling me that Shimano sell more road bike kit in a day than Campag do in a year. They are definitely a boutique brand these days but I still love it - would love a Record EPS set but that costs as much as a whole bike!

But I’ve always run Shimano on the MTB as Campag don’t do off-road stuff sadly


I am not anti Campag in any way, and I agree, I like what they do, just not the pricing. Didn’t they used to offer cheaper groups? Wasn’t there a 9sp group called Mirage at one point?

It’s a shame they have dropped off; other than a few outliers (Rotor, LTWOO, Sensah, Microshift.) it’s Shimano or SRAM, this isn’t great, especially as both are now pushing electronic group sets so hard.

This has gone off topic…

Do we need a Groupsets! Fight, Fight, Fight. Thread?

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I have Ultegra Di2 (11sp) on my road and GRX 1x11 (ult equiv, GRX 800 I think it was) on my cross/commuter. Ive only ever had Shimano since I had Sachs Hurret in the 80’s :wink: El Nino has SRAM on his PX cross bike. he didnt like the gears, but used to them now.

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resists reusing the same tired cream cheese joke

Campag on Italian bikes for sure, although I did have a Bianchi with Ultegra on. The roady circles had a heart attack every time i showed up :wink:

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It used to be Mirage, Centaur, Chorus, Record but I think it’s now slimmed down to Chorus, Record, Super Record, EPS with Ekar thrown in as the gravel set.

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Got an embarrassing mix of Tiagra, Ultegra and Dura Ace on the old cervelo P2 I built, and SRAM red on the old Trek Equinox I got 2nd hand.

Prefer Shimano for ease of replacing bits. Had to replace front derailleur cage and rear derailleur adjuster barrel on the Trek and it was difficult to source the bits.

New commuting bike is 105, works like it should.

The main problem I have now is an evil mix of 9, 10 and 11 speed across 2 different manufacturers systems.


So is the general consensus that the extra 800 quid was well spent upgrading to the TCR for the group set (learned this term yesterday) and the carbon frame? Or would a novice have been fine with the Contend?


This Weeks Tips:

  1. Do not run as far as you can at the weekend. Jog/walk/jog for ten to fifteen minutes.

  2. Ride outside.

  3. Tonight your only aim is one good length of the pool.

How do you train for golf?
How long is 18 holes?

The other bike would have been fine, but I suspect you would have been wanting an upgrade within 6 months, so money well spent in my book.

We can talk about carbon wheels and power meters shortly. :sunglasses:


more than 17, bit less than 20

even I know that & also that bunker=bad unless you are hiding from bombs


Thanks for the advice Joe.

Will take that onboard, getting a bit excited and want to see how far off I am from where I need to be, but I’ve got a while to ramp up so this is probably good advice.

18 holes is 4 hours driving around in a buggy with a cooler box full of magners :slight_smile: no reall cardio involved, only training I do is technique on the range. Oh just thought that’s going to take a back seat for the rest of the year so the handicap will go up :frowning:


haha I have been google them but It’s been an expensive 3 days so far so think I should wait.

Have been watching many videos on clipless vs flat (currently have flat) and at the risk of starting another huge debate :slight_smile: the general consensus seems to say no real difference?

Also do i need a Tri suit?

I would say 99% of more serious road cyclists run clipleas pedals, there are a number of advantages, but if you are happy on flats then stay with that for now; you will need confidence in your riding for clipless.

You don’t ‘need’ a tri-suit either, but I suspect you will want one.


You don’t need either for your first tri

The main trick here in going from zero to hero is not to hurt yourself. Getting to the start line healthy is your primary goal and testing yourself to find your limits is the opposite of that.

Sure, we totally expect you to want to find out “what you can do” but that’s what you race for.

Okay, well if you have learned any patience from golf, that will help here too. You know you didn’t get good at driving by rocking up first day and swinging as hard as you can.

Swimming is similar to that range session, you don’t need to be working hard to be learning and improving and getting it right.