Gaming consoles

So. Our son (7 next month) wants an xbox one because a friend has one, and plays minecraft online and he wants to join him. He currently uses an inherited PS3, but only for dvd games. I have done some brief research and have questions…

Do you need to use the same brand console as others, to be on the same game server?

Assume we have to remove parental controls to enable multiplayer Online? Hmm.

What’s the oldest model I can reasonably buy? I sense this won’t be a long term investment/interest.

With minecraft, do I have to login using my microsoft account (linked to my outlook etc)? Again hmm.

Thanks in advance.

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We’ve got the PC version, £20 (?) which you can play against Xbox and PS4/5, it’s the iOS version which is standalone (Bedrock edition)

If you’ve the Java version for Win10 you can use the Better Together code to play it on XBox :hugs:

It’s all good.
We’ve not seen any nefarious activity on MINECRAFT, it’s very pure :+1:t3:

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You’ve obviously never watched a “build battle”, where pretty much whatever the subject is, someone builds a cock and balls.

Like Poet says just install PC minecraft (but buy the java one first 'cos that’s better too) - and use that. You can buy a controller for the PC if you want, then it’ll be the same.


Like in the TV show “Mythic Quest”

@Jorgan - On the PC, you just do it all via your Microsoft account, very straightforward.
Then the first thing to do is find shelter.
Kill a sheep. Trade with some villagers.
Build a crafting table. Etc, etc.

Loads of annoying people to watch on YouTube, too.

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But this is for a 7 year old who’ll probably have his own idea on what he wants to play it on! If his mates are all on an xbox, regardless of it works or not, he’s going to want to do the same as his buddies. Non?

A 7 year old probably thinks a pc is something from the olden days.


But “all his mates” probably don’t have an xbox, all he wants to do is play minecraft with the one who does online. He can do that functionally identically to his mate - by simply plugging a computer into a TV and spending ~20 quid on a controller and 20 quid on minecraft, so for lots less than 50 quid he’s doing that, the xbox one is going to be at least 200 quid, and then another console needs buying in a couple of years once all his mates have actually got a console if it’s not an xbox.

so if he wants a console, buy a console, but if he just wants to play minecraft online with his friend, you can do it a lot cheaper.


So a little like real survival then. The ‘rule of threes’.

Oh @Poet you got my finish time wrong; it would be 9:59:104. I’m still waiting for you to go under the hallowed 10:10 Tick tock… :rofl:

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Our lad has played minecraft for many years. Almost 15 still dabbles on it too.
When he got a PC - he asked for a version on that; despite having it on console. He never touched the console version again.
The PC and the ability to use shortcuts along with mouse speed v controller were his main reasons.
Im sure either will be fine at 7 yo just to dig some holes, smash some trees up and build some cock and balls (that proper made me laugh).


I’ve bitten the bullet and ordered him a Nintendo Switch. Might try and get him some games in CEX for it before his birthday, and try and get it hooked-up to the eShop and put Minecraft on it. At least this way, he has a TV and travel console :+1:

Fark me, it was hard to find one in stock at RRP anywhere; ironically I got it in the Nintendo UK Store…which was very well down the search results because of those sods like Argos, who pay Google so that their one Switch available for Collection only in Wick, means they can appear as in stock in Shopping results :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I got my 5 year old a Switch last June for her birthday and we’ve really enjoyed playing it together. We’ve completed Mario Odyssey on 2P mode and are now scouring the worlds looking for the last few hidden moons. We thoroughly recommend Mario Odyssey! :slight_smile:

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your 5yo?!

Crikes, mine would never manage to complete a game! haha. She’s crap enough on the CBeebies games on the ipad app! :rofl:

(that’s very mean of me!!)

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We did it as a team and she’s nearly 6 now :-). What’s great is that Mario is effectively immortal in Odyssey - you just loose 20 coins each time he dies which when you’ve thousands is no big deal!

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Looking at buying a switch as a family console. Like the idea of 4 player games - what are the mini controllers like in adult hands? Would you buy the normal controllers instead?

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Not great I am afraid, you will find them pretty restrictive if you are used to a full size PS or Xbox controller.

The good news is that alternatives are available; lots of full size third party ones around, in fact Nintendo do a full size controller, but it’s pricey.

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Thanks, yeah, they’re quite pricey. I think we might stick it out until black Friday.

Looking at a Switch for Christmas.
Currently using a Wii for Mario Kart and N64 for GoldenEye. Got a shit tonne of pads for everyone.

Any reason to upgrade?
Or just stick “as is” ?

Mario kart is great no matter what the platform, so if you already have a good social setup for everyone then I would keep hold of your money.

It’s only worth the upgrade if you will be using newer software on the move.

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