Anyone else following this?.. not much to see other than dotwatching but the special COVID rules have made it particularly silly this year



Their bikes are PROPER loaded compared to Lachlan’s last year.

Paul Addy’s is insane - nice bloody bike, like.

Aye… no controls, no shops, not allowed to step inside a building, only allowed to fill up from outside water sources (i.e. taps or streams).
So basically carrying food, shelter, cooking equip and spares for the duration.


That is utterly nutbar!

Most of 'em are passing through Manchester soon…

Yip… Anisa isn’t carrying a stove and has been eating cold rehydrated meals in training :thinking:
At least one trailer on the start line too.

What’s the reasoning behind that, then?
In case one of them catch it from a shop/building, or something?

Seems a little extreme this year!

They had to make the call to cancel or change the event several months ago to give people the chance to plan/adapt or defer… so during full lockdown that didn’t seem especially crazy, well, crazy but doable.

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off road - Are there even that many connected paths running the length of the country?

It’s a mash up … but the route is here:

Yeah followed this for a couple of years. Amazing race!

Josh Ibbett has an interesting YouTube video showing his setup. Mason ISO (a hybrid gravel/mountain bike) with LOTS of food on board. Very heavy setup but dialled for the race. Hey, it is different, but let’s give it a shot and see if it is fun!

I’m following Lucy Gossage having some Type 2 bike-packing fun in Scotland at the moment.


Yes me too. She’s an absolute trooper, one of my favourite athletes due to her attitude to training and racing. I’ve never seen someone enjoy it so much.
I only wish I had her outlook!


Ooof… looks like angus had his longest stop yet overnight whilst josh went pretty short, closed the gap to within 30km!
Big gap behind the top 3 now.

Track showing Angus Young still not moving? :man_shrugging:

Yeah last update 5hrs+ ago now… not uknown for tracker issues and his has been pretty good till now.
Jason closing in too… tho pretty sure he’s done several road sections that he shouldn’t. Hope the organisers are onto that.

uh oh… his tracker updated 10mins ago and he hasn’t moved… some kind of mechanical ?..

scratch that… looks like he has started the climb of great dun fell… finally.

Angus out. Just read on Instagram. Not sure why yet.

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just gonna say… 20km in it for 3rd with 100miles to go :speak_no_evil: