General Election 2019

I know you all want this; a place to fall out and forge allegiances with those aligned with you.

To get you going:

Boris: Lying, elitist, duplicitous and untrustworthy buffoon with bad hair.
Jez: Head in clouds, hard-line socialist, dangerous for business; has trouble with sums.
Jo Swinson: Meh, who? (just like Farron)
The Sturgeon: Vociferous nationalist; Jimmy Crankie in high heels.
Farage: Leading light and Saint to some, slippery sh!t-stirrer who provoked all this to others.
DUP: We want our cake, and we’ll damned well eat it too. Bunch of petulant kids.


Yup. Bang on there.
Sturgeon would be my pick of the bunch.
But that’s not saying a lot.

Hard to disagree with any of that but think Swinson is worse than meh!
Fracking, EU grant grabbing, anti-democratic?

Interesting about the anti-democratic bit (Swinson). I had this discussion at work, and somebody made a good point about the LDs and the scrap Article 50 ticket.

A vote for LD is a vote to revoke Article 50, that is the democratic vote on the issue. If enough people voted for the LDs and they got a majority, then it’s revoked. However in practice, what are the chances of that happening! Even if there was a Coalition with one of the big 2, they still don’t get to revoke by default.

Oh yes, if nothing else you can’t say they’re not clear on their stance, you know what you’re voting for.
Irrespective of how you voted on Brexit I just think it’s wrong to ignore the vote completely and just say we’re not doing it.
The precedent it sets in respect of not honouring any vote you don’t agree with just feels wrong. At least have another vote with different/more specific options if that is what you want.

Politics, really? This isn’t Facebook you know.

Why is Farage even on the list? Hes not even running, scared of being an 8 time loser.

Dont have anything good to say about any of them (maybe that Swinson has a nice rack), but you have to make your choices with with you’ve got. In my constituency its a two horse race, although the ElectoralCalculus website reckons its a dead cert for the incumbent.

Lib Dems are mental

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Cos he’s the leader of the Brexit Party init.

I wouldn’t call the LDs mental over the Article 50 thing, just misguided I think; I don’t think it will work; does anyone? But in many constituencies it’s a battle between Conservative & LD.

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Because, so far, it’s been pretty sensible!
@GrahamO has been schooling us all on trains.
@SloggingScotsman respectfully disagrees with people and makes his own points well reasoned.

I’ve met a few people on here and more from TT1.0, most of the time they’re decent people (that @Jorgan was a bit of a… :wink:)


Bit what, dishy, engaging, beguiling?

I was referring to some of their other policies. E.g. actively pushing for Self ID and GRA changes. So we can let men with dicks in to the ladies changing rooms unchallenged,. That wont get abused by rapists of course not. Lets remove safe spaces for 50% of the population to pander to a tiny minority of people. Labour have the same policy. Its very dangerous but you can’t challenge it because that makes you a transphobe. The left is eating itself and is becoming very self-centered.

I did hear something of these issues on R4 some time ago, and that women needed to mobilise against this sort of thing…it’s no good a load of white middle-aged men banging this drum. Women need to let it be clear this is not on; there are some stats to show what you allude to.

This is where ‘changing villages’ can be a good thing; no sex segregation, rather a ‘safe space’ for everyone, and no unclothed ‘public’ showering etc. slightly harder in other circumstances/locations for sure though.

Are you a 75 year old grandmother? :rofl:

I haven’t heard that word in a long time!!!

I was wearing some snazzy togs.

Yes and no. The trans side has a lot of virtue signalling middle aged straight white men banging the drum quite hard for these trans rights. Wont give the details on a public forum but I know quite closely of a middle aged straight white man attacking a gay person for their perceived transphobia and it got very nasty. My wife naturally feels very strongly on this matter, to the point that a life-long labour voter is now considering a Conservative vote as they are not overtly supporting this - they have kicked the GRA can down the road and left it out the manifesto completely.

It certainly doesn’t hurt for men to be protecting womens rights. I have a wife and 2 daughters so it means a lot to me personally, even if if it doesnt directly impact me.

I’m not well-read on the subject; but it would seem ‘common sense’ that pre-Op individuals should not be integrated into (traditional) female-only environments, like prisons, changing facilities etc.

This segway’d fast!

Exactly. But say that to a pro-trans rights person and they’ll call you a bigot and transphobe. They are not pre-op individuals, they are women because they say they are women is their argument. Its what makes the debate so difficult.

Took it down a single issue cul-de-sac there! Sorry.

Back on track. Who is voting purely about Brexit in this election? Lot of people I speak to think its a single issue vote. Sure whatever happens with Brexit will dominate government for the foreseeable future, but they will be in pace for the next 5 years so think people should be looking past that.

Brexit will still dominate the next parliament, and probably the one after that. Whether we are officially inside or outside the circle, all political energy will still be spent picking through the pieces. If Boris really wants to ‘get it done’ then he could be our longest serving PM, but I suspect the novelty will wear off before then.

Does anyone else miss listening to the news when it talked about things going on outside Brexit, and overseas current affairs. I’ve stopped listening to the hour-long R4 news programmes now. I’m sick of the all-consuming state of UK politics/news.

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That’s why “Get Brexit Done” is such an effective strategy. They are promising that on 1st Feb we can all move on. It will be interesting if the press and public lose interest once we are officially out and the actual negotiations happen in obscurity. That is probably what some are hoping for, less scrutiny on the final deal.

Haven’t we had that promise already!

What will happen, is that the UK will be over a big fat barrel, getting humped by the economic superpowers.

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