General election 2024. Hows ya voting?

  • Conservative
  • Labour
  • Green
  • SNP
  • Liberal Democrat
  • Italian bot party or similar
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Not decided yet but just googled to see if people get a vote while living in another continent. And the answer is actually yes apparently. So will give it some thought.

PS I know pretty much zero about politics - should the Welsh one be in there? Or do they have their own thingy. What about N Ireland.



This is the UK government and Scottish and Welsh elections for devolved powers are separate

Not a scooby about NI :man_shrugging:t2::joy:

I’d expect you to be eligible as an expat


The anonymity of posting is a key value of it.

However, in terms of protecting democracy I believe the ability to verify one’s vote was assigned correctly is far more important and more useful than useless voter ID.

I likely won’t vote in protest of ID, as it undermines our freedom.

From beeb:
After discussing the Covid pandemic, the furlough scheme, and the war in Ukraine, he (Sunak) says the question is “who do you trust?”

“Not you.” Says nation in landslide victory for anyone other than Sunak.


I’m not even voting in the poll about the voting!


Like general election voting, fruity doesn’t have a “none of the above” option either.


Sorry probably messed up the poll because know so little about how it works except tory v labour with lib dem as a protest vote

this graphic confuses me even more ???

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General elections cover all parliamentary constituencies in England, Wales and NI so every one will be up for grabs - devolved powers have separate elections on top.

Depending on who stands in my constituency it’ll probably be a straight fight between Tory (current) and LD (have held it before) so LD will get my vote. Labour and Plaid are unlikely to figure in what is essentially a rural farming community.


“Great British Energy”

Oh Lord.


Oh dear.

It’s a tricky vote for me; where we live we have a really good, hard working local MP, unfortunately she happens to be a Tory.


It exists to promote the deception of choice and relevance in an uncaring universe.

Looks like red will win this one, in time blue will win, and so on. In this way we hope to avert any radicals gaining power.


Yeah, get that the constituencies cover the other nations but this their seat in the UK parliament and not the individual countries.

I think we mean the same thing but not worded the same :joy:

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before my seat has been labour since WW2 and that ain’t gonna change so any vote is a protest or increasing their majority.


I live in genuine swing constituency. In one of the post Brexit elections, think Conservative won by less than 100 votes from Labour.

Our vote genuinely matters, and I strongly dislike the main parties and/or their recent candidates.


I actually believe we should vote for our representatives and not parties of prime ministers. Glad you have a good one of whatever flag.


West Dorset is bluer than the Oyster Bar from Police Academy


That was probably said about many of the nearby seats, but even Hartlepool overwhelmingly voted in a conservative who’d never been to the area before.


We have a rep who signed a letter against “woke” culture. His name is Bacon. All hope is lost.


In my constituency its Labour or Tory, no one else has a chance. Im fairly selfish when it comes to this and I dont fit into any type of demographic where Starmmer will do anything to help me so if I bother to vote at all Ill hold my nose and go blue. I think Sunack is 100% an empty shirt but Starmmer is worse.