Greek Islands

Ok i know we’re on the precipice of a lockdown :shushing_face: but having not gone abroad for a couple of years now (1st world problem i know) and the trip before that, whilst lovely, was to a spot that we have been to 3 times now (friend’s parents’ house). All of this is adding up to a massive case of itchy feet.

I’ve not been to Greece or any of the islands before (Mrs GB has only been to Chavos for a post uni week away with her mates that she absolutely despised) so that’s top of my list so far. I’m also a bit of a sucker for wanting to go somewhere slightly different. Whilst i may have to consider your Rhodes, Zante, Crete, Kos etc, i’d rather visit a lesser known island.

Limited by flight paths (and am not doing any long transfers with 2 kids of 6 and 3) from Exeter or Bristol, would maybe consider Heathrow or Gatwick, but it does add cost and hassle. Thinking of going in June and taking the hit with the school - youngest is only in pre school, and eldest is doing really well at 6 years old, so missing out on some colouring isn’t going to dent her long term prospects. We’d be keeping up with her reading and maths regardless.

Current #1 is Skiathos. Direct from Bristol, and seems to tick all my boxes - sandy beaches, hilly interior, pine forests, pretty easy to get around. Anyone been there before?

Any other thoughts or comments are always welcome from the hive mind in case i’m missing any angles/options.

Happy to suck it up and do a hotel/resort if the deal is good and food is thrown in. Also more than happy to solo it with flights and a nice Air BnB, as long as there’s a pool for the girls.


Following this with interest. :eyes:

Been to Skiathos a couple of times in the '80s and 90’s when it was pretty undeveloped - it’s a much busier island these days from what I read. Nice island with some great beaches - sandy unlike many Greek islands which can be shingle.

But take a look at Alonissos and Skopelos which are ferry rides from Skiathos - much quieter.

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We’ve ticked off the standard Zante, Kos and Rhodes.

Kefalonia however has been my favourite so far. We stayed in Fiskardo in the north, a pleasant fishing village. We did have a hire car for the week though. Some stunning beaches all around the island


I went to Mykonos with family in 2017, and it was Ok but nothing spectacular, wouldn’t go back that for sure. Avoid Rhodes, I went Faliraki twice in my yoof which was a great laugh but certainly not a family holiday :wink: I guess there are more family friendly parts though. The best I’ve heard of is Santorini, a guy at work loved it there.


Corfu for the history…


Kalymnos is a huge favourite amongst the climbers at the moment, it’s also got some great trails.

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In all we’ve been to


They’re all different with different characters.

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We went to Crete quite a few years ago but only to Malia, we were fairly young at the time! It was just your standard brit holiday destination.

But we did do a few trips to the capital and historical sites and they were alright, fairly sure one place claimed to have the first khazi in Europe or the world!

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The story of Crete during WW2 is excellent. Basically Hitler got do fucked off with the farmers killing his men he left himself wide open in Northern Europe as he sent something silly like 30k paratroopers to take the island.


Crete’s wicked :love_you_gesture:

Yeah we went as a family in the 80s, then I went back after my A levels with a group of friends. I loved it - everyone else was partying but I hired a mountain bike and cycled off into the wilderness. Hired a moped too which I crashed going too fast round a bend, up in the hills. Elbow was in shreds lol - face on the tour rep was priceless when I limped back into the hotel :man_facepalming:

Corfu - That was fun too. Lots of great site seeing as I recall in Crete. Knossos was a let down.

There’s the famous WW2 story about wotsit face - Patrick Leigh Fermor working with the resistance to kidnap a German officer and fleeing across the island with that Shepard fellow… it wasn’t the officer they wanted but they went ahead with the plan anyway. the Germans retaliated horrendously with reprisals against the Cretans but PLF still seen as a hero. Made into a film - Ill met by moonlight

Sure someone can fill in the gaps- it’s an ultra race now i believe - their route across the island. That would be most excellent


The story was told in the book natural born heroes by the same author who wrote born to run. Excellent read I thought, also talks about the skills of the farmers negotiating the land, in a born to run crosses parkour type of thing.


Really enjoyed Crete, but also Naxos if you want one nicely in the middle of built up vs completely remote and inaccessible.
Wasn’t as keen on Mykonos, and think Santorini would be similar for being too pristine/pricy/fashionable in places.


You’ve got me looking at holidays now. Never booked a package holiday before but with restrictions I think that makes the most sense. Seems to be £2k for 4*, 7 nights, family of 5, all inclusive which is pretty reasonable given what I’d have to spend for a week in the UK with eating out every day.

Did a search on Tui, On The Beach and Jet 2. Any others I should have a look at?

That’s what I was looking at. Thomas Cook as well.

Where you thinking of heading?

I’m willing to suck up a package deal, for ease, by the thought of having my kids sleeping in the same room is not high up on my list at all!

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Literally anywhere, not fussy, just want an easy family holiday near a pool/beach/no cooking.

Jet2 - Los Zocos Club Resort
7 nights in August with luggage and all inclusive for 5 of us is £1972

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Check the cancellation terms of package holidays - they are adding a LOT of exclusions which is very sneaky. On balance I found booking the flight and hotel separately last October to be much more beneficial.

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Great film…if a bit cheesy…

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An interesting book…