Anyone knowlegeable about greenhouses? Buying one for the missus and want proper aluminium & glass about 6x6’. Prices seem to go from unbelievably cheap to really expensive with not much in the middle. Hall Popular seemed to hit the sweet spot price wise but then read reviews that are universally terrible.
Then you get stacks of options & add ons, what do you really need?

Here’s my thoughts - I got one from someone getting rid because they were having an extension, free as long as I moved it, so might be worth looking on local facebook etc if you can sort the transport. It’s aluminium but I had to replace some glass, which even greenhouse glass is expensive so went for some wickes perspex which has worked well. We did have a freak storm a few years ago and it got lifted and moved a few inches and I haven’t got round to moving it back (I built a course of brick to lift it off the ground a bit so now there are a few gaps where it has moved) but I need to take all the glass off as it’s too heavy. If you can pipe water to it that is really useful because there are some good timer irrigation systems now which aren’t expensive. I could only position mine where it is but I think there are better locations for light etc. Having one third (that gets the best light) is good to have as a bed (tomatoes etc), the middle third a path and the back third a bench (I got an aluminium one so no problem with it getting wet and no bugs living in the timber). An automatic (thermocouple so no electric needed) opening rooflight is also very useful as they get roasting in the summer. I also made a wire mesh gate I could put over the door to open it when its hot but not allow birds in. I did buy a big roll of bubble wrap to line it one winter, but but of a pain and can’t be bothered. Tender plants can survive over winter but it can be a bit hit or miss. Strawberries are great and they are a plant which keeps on giving (you get lots of runners you can pot up) and they are happy in the cold. Doesn’t really answer your question but hope it helps anyway.


Thanks, appreciate any thoughts. This is the top contender at the moment:

If it was for me I would be happy about a 2nd hand bargain but the missus is quite excited about a shiny new one.

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we bought this one in 2019 - in Silver aluminium not green - which is a complete package with extras including automatic roof vent and louvre, staging, guttering etc plus all the glass and clips. We paid £517 for the package but I see it’s now £813. Size was important as it had to fit next the workshop on a hard base which was already there. Have to say, I’ve been impressed with the quality and it’s done a great job with no issues even coming through all the storms we’ve had with no damage. Took a couple of days to erect but instructions were clear and all parts there. Loads of options you could add if you need - decision is what you need!

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8-14 week delivery :cry:

I hadn’t noticed that! but then I’m not buying I guess

This is clearly a thin disguise for a new pain cave. Chuck a few tomato plants in and you may even get away with it :grinning:

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Haha, not quite but it should at least relieve the garage & shed of some of the gardning paraphernalia.

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We used to have one, looking at the Hall Popular, it was probably one of those. I thought it was fine.
Ours had glass up to chest height, then perspex on the slightly curved section and from recollection, glass again at the top.
I put it on a course of bricks to keep it level like JD above, I think that’s a good idea. We got some 0.5msq decking to put on the inside floor.

Takes a while to build, a bit fiddly and obviously you need to be careful with the glass. I remember it being hard work to get the door working properly.

We didn’t really make the most of ours and ended up selling it.
If buying second hand, you need to make sure you get all the clips - they have a tendency to go flying off when you remove them.

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From today’s local rag. Guy arrested for growing these in his loft

Appears to have been under the impression they were tomatoes. Because, that’s normal behaviour, growing tomatoes in your loft. A likely story :grinning:


He’s not selling those tiny little things though, is he?
That’s personal use for a couple of phat cones per day :slight_smile:

That reminds me…we looked at a house, there was a wardrobe (with clothes in it) but stairs behind it leading to the loft (estate agent said we could go up)…full growing rig upstairs, but no plants :frowning:
We told the estate agent, didn’t put an offer in on that one :rofl:


The tomatoes would need to be killer to justify the leccy for the fan haha.

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Greenhouse greenery is coming along nicely, won’t be too long before were feasting on our first tomato.


Looking good! :heart_eyes:

Almost everything is getting destroyed by the slimy critters for us this year :sob:


We’ve not experience any of that yet fortunately, although the first things that looked edible other than the potatoes from the raised beds were a couple of parsnips. They were huge and the wife was so proud but they were bad when we cut int to them. Very disappointing :frowning:

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slugs really got all our beans and cucumbers.

Tomatoes are doing great though, already eating some of the tumbling ones around the top of the conservatory.


Yeah our pots are the one thing looking ace. Actually the kale is doing well.

Most of our peas, beans, squashes, caulis and cucumbers have been hit really hard. The buggers.


1st crop, 9 weeks from greenhouse build to plate.