“Greta would be proud” thread

Las Vegas should not exist - people shouldn’t build cities in the desert. The whole thing is an exercise in inefficiency.


Oh it’s very efficient at taking your money. :grinning:

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Because you seem to be rebuffing every response you’re getting. I didn’t say you were being snotty and not all sure how you got that from my post?

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Sounds like Canberra :rofl:

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Not rebuffing, I started a post and felt I had to feed back to “stoke” it.

Although this response now appears to be a rebuff.

I’ll bugger off and watch top gear with the kids now….

Like the massive data warehouse they’ve got with a lot of the world’s data stored that presumably takes a lot of cooling. When there’s plenty of places they could literally open the Windows most days to cool the place.

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No don’t do that, just accept that not everyone has answers, they just have experinces. For example, I surf, so I’m more concerned about the ocean than other things and of course, that makes me more ignorant about the things I care less about.

What we could do with is a global pandemic to significantly reduce the human population and therefore environmental impact.

Surely we are due one :roll_eyes:

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:scream: Traitor!

DTX’ don’t quite work like that but you have a point. The amount of heat that a DC generates through operating, backup and cooling can’t even be explained. It’s beyond staggering.

WAr and disease do not in fact have the impact on population people assume, in the medium term the population tends to increase faster than if there were no disaster.

We have seen in recent years that even hard fought plans can be wrecked by a change of politicians. And theirin lies the problem, politicians politicking.

The science is fairly clear. As are the visible effects globally. Yet personal self interest still wins the day.

Human evolution is insufficient to overcome the human made barriers at this time. Pity. Hopefully that will change and if not it will likely force evolution one way or another.

The solution is remarkably simple…….work together for the common good. But that won’t happen with side agreements, our way or the highway, worship me, egos, etc etc. There needs to be a revolution in thinking. The future of the human race, and it’s quality of life, over politicking, egos, and nationalism.

We need to come together as a United Nations, without nations playing for advantage.

And if we dont do it homo whatever comes next might be better at it.

For those with vested interests it’s a question of jam today and tomorrow or jam for today only.

There are some interesting concepts that a lot of the big companies ate trying. I think its Facebook who built a DC in a valley that has strong g winds that are channelled through it. Microsoft have been playing with underwater DCs.

Of course they are motivated more by money than carbon. But ultimately computers make a lot of a heat and a lot of computers make a lot of heat

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You are seemingly unaware of your online persona?

FMD indeed.

I have absolutely no idea what that is meant to mean or what i’ve seemingly done to get you bent out of shape but I hope you have a good evening. :+1:

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What we can do as individuals:

  1. Dig up the driveways and patios, plant anything instead.

  2. Petition your democratic representatives and suppliers to stop things that cause deforestation

  3. ???

  4. Eco-Profit!!!


  1. Buy the most expensive thing of anything you buy. Not the cheapest thing.

Cheapest things are always ecologically unfriendliest.

  1. Don’t buy a new bike, maintain your existing ones


Oh and

  1. Collect rain water for your new plants

Is profit maximisation quarter to quarter compatible with human survival re climate change?

I don’t think so.

Don’t buy a new bike?

Quick lads, get him. He’s been turned.


Why aren’t they using the heat for homes and businesses?

No, but the commercial challenge to find solutions that sell will be….