Halloween Pumpkins

I noticed a few anti-Halloween posts in the RANT thread.

But I’ve been carving pumpkins with my daughters since they were small. :sunglasses:

There used to be a thread on the old TriTalk site for photos, so here goes…

Laying out this year’s design.

Which wasn’t too hard to carve.

Final look.

My eldest daughter is now 20, so she was more ambitious…

And finally, here are a couple from the archives…

The Mummy – Technically, the most difficult to do, by a long way.

Bond/Pirate Skull – The most artistic one I’ve carved.

Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:

Cheers, Paul. :slight_smile:


You’ve set the bar pretty high there. I think this is the first year we haven’t done any but my 3 triangles and zigzag mouth wouldn’t really cut it.


I wasn’t anti-Halloween so much as anti- my own kids bashing each other due to my neglect of basic parenting duties!

But alas, no pumpkins for us this year. Can’t find any. Yours are awesome. Ours would not be. I can’t even manage decent triangles or zigzags so they usually end up looking slightly er odd…Not sorry that I won’t be spending my time wrist deep in gourd for once!

Anyway keep it up! Hopefully your neighbours can appreciate them from a suitable distance!

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Not in the same league as yours but these are my offerings.


Not quite sure I’m in the same league here.

The boy enjoyed ‘helping’


We did a last min dash to the shop looking for pumpkins today. We failed! :joy:

I did make a ghost out of a pillow case, a balloon and my old headtorch though. That’s now hanging off the front pergola and actually looks quite cool!

We went full Halloween and went to, err, the zoo today. :joy:. Was dead quiet, it was ace!

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here’s a couple of our efforts from recent years


Flaming Venom!