Happy Father's Day

I really hope for there sake this is not the new normal

Nice to get out a bit … but this is far from over.

Barca would be a good race for me… apparently.
Sea swims scare me though.

Seems like all the tri talkers have had a nice day, that’s really good to see.

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The advice to get 'em out in front is a good one I think, even if they don’t really like it as it makes them judge safety more. Does stop that though!

Interestingly Otter’s only brand new bike was her first…

Trip round Ikea, terrible idea but we got what we needed, then a wander round London Designer Outlet and picked up some clothes (for my daughter, not me obviously), then home before my wife went out to work leaving me with the 3 kids to get fed/bed, tidy up the house and sort out the online shop for tomorrow. Had planned to ride this morning but was pissing down and now it’s getting too late. Gonna have beer on the sofa with some sci-fi instead.


They refuse! On account of “not knowing the way.” Tbh they’ve been riding on proper roads 1000x more than I ever did at their age because of the lockdown, so I’m not about to start enforcing other rules that might upset the applecart. I do insist they try and follow my line and we discuss why I’m not eg in the gutter or about the need to be holding a clear line to traffic. I think they’re doing fine to be fair.

Kids got me a Top Gun tshirt so watching Top Gun tonight.