Have your "colds" changed since the pandemic?

I had Covid in 2021 and it wasn’t too bad, felt like a bad cold for a couple of days but not too bad. I have only had one cold sice and that wasn’t bad at all. When I used to commute by bike I would get more colds but obviously was in the office all week. I suspect when I start going to the office a couple of times a week I may well get them more often. October and February were the times I would get the worst colds.

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Whilst on the subject of colds, has anyone had any experience of “Vicks First Defence” ?
It’s supposed to help stop you getting a cold and/or shorten it.
My wife, and my lad, both have a bad cough / cold and I am desperately hoping it’s the one I am just gettingover as I do not want another cold… Thus I have bought some of that First Defence and am using it currently !

I have used it and it seems to help but if you wait until yu have a cold it’s too late.

Tried it a couple of times. Didnt make any difference. Typically for me most colds start with a raging sore throat and that stuff goes up your nose but runs down the back into your throat making it a lot worse.

I like the Sliced Bread podcast. They had a look at the nasal defence products & reckon they work.

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Probably using it too late if your throat is already sore

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Yeah could be. I never get any warning Im getting sick. Some people say I feel like im coming down with something and then a day or 2 later are ill. I go to be fine and wake up with a sore throat

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Ditto, with Covid I went from 100% fine to bedridden in 3 hours.

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At the moment I am taking it without me having any symptoms in a bid to prevent me getting my wife’s cold ! Assuming I have not already had it of course.

One cannot be sure if the First Defence did it but I did notr deveklop my wife’s bad cold. I had a sniffle, but I trained through it.
At the end of the day it doesn’t cost much, I am not aware of any side effects (other than a more runny nose for a while after using it) and if it only saves you 45 training sessions a year it’s worth it for me, and, I wou’d have thought, many others on here !

not sure if this means anything but I’ve not (yet) had Covid, and not had a cold since before the pandemic.


El Salvador!!

Funny I should just read this because I was about to go on here bemoaning the fact that I thought I’d avoided my wfe’s throat infection (or whatever it was) but I now appear to have a mild throat infection, which is also making it uncomfortable for me to talk.
I felt fairly bad in the water on Wednesday, stiff, weak and short of breath. I was pleased to get out…

my third cold of the winter…something is amiss…

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Same with me the other week, although at Christmas I’m not sure it was just one long one that lingered but never got really bad :man_shrugging:t2:

They can FRO now though :rage:




I’m on my second of the year, went several years without getting any.

To be fair this one moved from sore throat to coughing green gunk within a couple of days but (as with the one in February) the cough has lingered on; still coughing a bit and wheezing on the bike today

I feel a bit short of breath, like my lungs aren’t as big as they are usually…
At the end of the day though, if one avoided training every time one didn’t feel 100%, one would miss half of ones training and never get fully fit !
That said, I once read about some research on - orienteers I think it was - and it concluded that people who train (hard training one assumes) whilst having a cold (a bad cold one assumes ?) can be more likley to get a heart attack. Does anyone else remember that study ?

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Anecdotally, yes.

I recall it happened to one of the characters in ‘Born to Run’ … Cabellero Blanco or something like that??

I went training last night and felt pretty strong in the water actually. Yet, today, I again still feel like my lungs are constricted and my voice is “strained”