Hell of the North West

Kicking off for this at 9am. 1st time for me at this kind of thing and really not sure what I’ve let my self in for :grinning:.


That’s a big boy’s cycle. Have (some) fun.

Ain’t that the truth!

Good luck and ride well.

Great weather for it.
Not :sob:

Best of luck @Doka

Enjoy! Best of luck @Doka

Good luck @Doka

Take care on Cock Hill

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Nice… found out about this too late luckily :slight_smile:
Any tracker ?

Transengland next weekend.

Good luck!

In case you raise the question…

‘Yes, run a disc, always’…:wink:

(You might want to give the 58 front a swerve mind…).

Srsly, sounds awesome and epic even without the weather Gods intervention.

Wow, looks epic. Best of luck. Weather looks nice for it too :slight_smile:

Good luck, and bring your snorkel!

Looks brutally stupid yet pulling me in like a moth to a light. Looking forward to a write up!


Where is @Doka?
We need updates!

I came across a bike packing guy the other week who had a foldable solar panel on his rear rack to charge stuff up.

I believe @Doka has gone with a Dynamo (which he posted in “Purchases”

Weather was much better late yesterday afternoon and it’s dry today :+1:t3:

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Saw on Instagram one of my former club mates threw in the towel.

Said conditions will be too much for her current setup and the call of a nice hot bath seemingly too great.

Looks a brutal adventure


Still need to decide on dynamo or not this year.

Rode the Forest of Bowland sportif yesterday and it was unseasonably chilly, can’t remember the last time I needed a long sleeve base layer in May - and I used arm warmers all day too.
No idea where on the course riders would be but presume it was equally cold on any high ground.

Fingers crossed all OK :slight_smile:


So completed this as 2nd finisher after 56 hours with only 5 of us from the 24 starting making it to the end. I dont know how to explain how hard it was, I hated it. Only the desire to complete drove me to the end and came so close to pulling the plug Saturday night at the Tan Hill check point knowing what was inside and not if I had what was required to overcome what was still left to do.
Before Tan Hill I was in a race, after I was only in a test with myself to finish.
Reflecting this morning and talking with with my mate who also entered I realise a few tweaks here and there would have made a big difference and as the pains start to subside I’m left with some lasting memories and already thinking about another. Suppose that’s how it goes with the type 2 stuff, the harder the challenge the bigger the reward.
I had 3 micro sleeps probably 45 mins total, first in bus shelter then a mock up manger outside a pub (donkey and all) and the best kip on some rubber conveyor belt strewn at the side of the road. It’s quite impressive how much difference just a little sleep can make.
Another random, in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere passed Nicky Spinks attempting a 24hr record, still need to Goole what & if. Legend!


Well bloody done

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incredible- cannot begin to imagine

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