Hmm, that thing called work

Just been ‘handed’ a big project that will last about 4mths and going to ramp up the stress levels, as if they weren’t high enough already. And of course, not getting any of my existing stuff taken away.

Newport could be sub 5 now. :neutral_face:


Obviously they’re going to make it worth your wh£le :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Pfft, you think you have it tough?

There was no Rocky Road Cake this morning in the Cafe, And they have switched the coffee to a cheaper, non single source brand.

How can I still be expected to look busy?


Is it still organic & ethically sourced though?

I would assume so, I mean we are not in ‘The North


Nowt wrong with Mellow Birds lad.

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I suspect that’s illegal in Tetbury.

They don’t serve it in Veloton?

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I’m justr about to go out to source the coffee for our place of work. Nice cheap stuff on the machines for the student residences! Then they’ll want to pay for the nice stuff in the coffee shops!


Exactly FP. They have done the same to my wife. She went to 4 days a week, same workload. Then, as they decided to streamline by cutting people, they just gave her that extra work without any remuneration. Then they wonder why they don’t keep people.

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One of the most irritating shops I have ever encountered.

Only been in a few times, but yes. I’m surprised Stu Bowers from Cyclist doesn’t work there :joy: I’m usually too busy cycling past rather than hanging about there drinking coffee in a retro cap.

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Never heard of Veloton but I have heard of Bowers, he’s a c**kwomble.

Not really sure its a bike shop really, more a place for second homers out from London for the weekend to buy ornaments.

Bowers is like someone who works in a luxury car dealership; he’s forgotten he’s still a pleb like the rest of us.

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Just been invited to Munich to work for a week - building an installation - alongside other artists and musicians

Get a room to myself to make etc … just seeing what it pays. There is a budget thankfully for travel, materials and accom etc… I hope the Germans are ok at paying artists - Better than the UK anyway. Standard rates of pay here rarely dictate what you’re offered

Anyway - it’s not exactly the British school at rome - sigh … Villa Stuck - still, looks nice though


Cnutster House?

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Are you referring to kunstner - implying the c word

Definitely go, Munich is great for art and artists. One of my kids wants to study art there in the future.

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