Holiday Thread

Those cobbles would be interesting in the wet, they must be shiny AF!


No slithering reptiles hidden in the grass :grimacing: :snake:


OK, pop quiz. What city is a 24 hour drive West of Toronto?

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Gillette Wyoming?


Most of them if you drive slow enough, or fast enough


Ignoring or taking into account time zones?


Good point, that wasn’t part of the question to me. My first wild guess was near the mountains :person_facepalming: 2nd guess Winnipeg which was right. Although according to Google it’s only 20 hours, so another good point @GRamsay. I didn’t state it had to be in Canada either, so another point for @The_Iain. Nil point for me.


It’s a big question, the transcanada route, ie avoiding the US will be a hell of a lot slower than the US route, but the US route will lose hours at the borders as a Brit, so you’d need to know the nationality of the drivers and passengers. Also how many drivers…

I almost had to do most of that driver this summer, but fortunately Maryka’s reunion in Thunder Bay (~15 hours northwest of Toronto) is now too early that Otter is still at school, so no family trip! Not sure why the drive nostalgia was necessary anyway…


So, we get into the desert yesterday afternoon - interesting drive across sand - and park up for the night not far from the end of the desert but still well inside. Set the tents up, leader cooks evening meal, watch some stars and hit the pit not long after 8pm. We’re both asleep by 9 but shortly after hear the pattering of rain on the tent.

At 10pm the tour leader knocks on the tents - “Rain, we need to pack up and move”. Rain and desert are not good friends for many reasons. So, rapidly pack stuff up including tents by torchlight - takes about 30mins total incl kitchen stuff - and off we go. One of our guides has been in contact with a Bedouin who offers us a shared tent for the night. Fine, pile into that unpack and just starting to settle down and it fucking pisses down and the tent leaks like a sieve!!

So, the Bedouin is in touch with a family member who has a house in the nearest village and we get offered that. So pack up again, into the cars and off we trot - about 30mins later we are there and it’s dry.

By midnight we’re all safely settled.

The overnight rain causes a lot of damage around the wider area with flooding so we were right to move.

Holiday eh??


I was on a walking trip in the anti-atlas and witnessed their first snowfall in over 10years. That days walk was cut short and was basically a slightly extended loop to get to the muleteers village, which was only about 2miles away if we went direct, so we could stay in their houses that night due to the forecasted wind.

It’s all part of the adventure. I have fond memories even with the severe curtailment.


We had a rainstorm in the Namib Desert when we were there - lasted about 30 mins but with some spectacular lightning


looking over Oman’s Grand Canyon


it’s 70.3 Oman tomorrow, some guys from the club here are doing it. Are you anywhere near?


Close but we’re going snorkelling off some local islands so won’t be going to it.


Last day of Oman trip and been snorkelling on the Daymaniyat Islands off Muscat.

Forgot how close we are to the Equator - sunburnt a bit! FFS


Trip done and dusted - start the flight home in a couple of hours. Will give some precised thoughts on Oman when I get home.