Holiday Thread

We are at LHR T2. They’re excited , I’m less so when I saw the parking charges and we’ve arrived early :man_facepalming::rofl:


Lovely picture FP, you’re going to miss them rotten.


I already do :smile: I think these will be the first nights alone in this house.
I’m going full starfish in bed later :joy:


Don’t keep us guessing, did you go M3/M25 or A34/M4? :laughing:


M3/M25, it was absolutely fine. Even LHR didn’t seem overly busy :ok_hand:


My parents came yesterday, M23, M25, M1. Got here in about the quickest its possible to do it in. Guess lot of people travelled on Friday but sometimes wonder if these stories of predicted road chaos are the press getting ahead of themselves.


Timely reminder guys as mine expires in Oct, thank you.

Easily done on my phone, I’ll just have to put up with my winter beard profile on my summer holidays.


Just done one for daughter. Surprised there was only M/F options available for sex. Expect Scotland to challenge that soon.

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I saw that but it’s a British passport isn’t it so doubt the Scots can change it?

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Haha, my photo is that bad I’m unlikely to get in anywhere :joy:

I’m blaming Greta :joy:

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I am thinking about taking the kids away next year, maybe in the one of the winter half terms.

I quite like the idea of Rome, I have never been and want to see the Colosseum and a few other things. A full week in Rome might be a bit much for them, is there anywhere nearby that is good that anyone knows about? Somewhere outside the city but with easy access to it.

Would probably prefer an AirBNB or similar rather than a hotel as they will want their own rooms

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The metro will get you into the suburbs but one of the lines is a bit dated, there was a new one a few years ago but I didn’t use it and the trams are a bit slow. I think the local trains are fairly good although I got the fast train from Bologna.

Prepare yourself for crowds though, it was particularly busy at the Trevi and Pantheon but if you can get to those places earlier in the day it might help.

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I love travelling and exploring but I realise I am reaching my limits with crowded spaces. My best way of seeing places these days is getting out for an early run when I’m away for work. Now that the clocks have changed it’s even nicer.

I knew the trevi fountain was popular but I admit I was pretty darn stunned by how many people were there at 7am :flushed:

It terrifies me to think what it’s like in the afternoon. I won’t be going back to find out!


I’m probably a lot grumpier than you, went past it twice last month, once on an evening and mid morning. It was utterly rammed and struggled to walk through the crowd. Didn’t stop, just pushed past the gormless TikTok morons as they struck a pose :joy:

Was the same at the pantheon and colosseum. And in Florence etc

Sadly the big tourist cities are like that now, glad I’ve been to the majority in Europe.

And that was March so well out of season.

Your early runs are one of the best plans.