Holiday Thread

That reminds me of a comment from an old rowing buddy who had the most stunning Swedish girlfriend -

“Copenhagen is much better for a night out than Stockholm. Danish girls are nearly as pretty as Swedish girls and they’re much more likely to sleep with you on the first night”


The kids may be staying at home, but the wife isn’t. I’ll note that for the next trip :joy:


Maybe one for the rant thread but my holidays woes are starting 5 months in advance this time!

Got an email this morning saying my flights to Athens and back have been cancelled due to scheduling changes :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Doesn’t say whether the route has been completely binned or days changed etc. and I haven’t had chance to look yet.

Currently offering a refund or credit voucher +10%

I already transferred to that race so don’t think I can transfer again, and really want to go for a bit of late Autumn sun & Vitamin D before Winter bites me on the arse.


Looks like they’ve basically ended the summer schedule a month earlier which is why they’ve cancelled my flights! Need to look at alternatives soon.

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Got down to Charmouth for a few days over weekend, first time we’ve been for over a year as Mrs J hasn’t felt up to it.
Weather was pretty good but we didn’t have much joy on the fossiling front. The big cliff fall has cut most of the beach off except for low tide.
We came home yesterday and decided to pop to Seatown for a few hours as weather was so nice, we’ve never had much joy there with fossils but it’s a lovely setting.
As is often the way, we found tons of Belemnites and a few other nice bits including my first ever vertebrae which I’m pretty sure is Ichthyosaur.

Mrs J loves Crinoids, the little star shaped stems, and found a few of those too, which we also don’t have many of.


Cool. Is it only at Charmouth? We are going to Portland next week for a couple of days.

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Why FP? Just why?! :joy:

So many nicer spots on the Dorset coast! :grin:

It’s just to use the hotel money I had tied up in the Half Oner race that I didn’t attend.

Got any good trip ideas? No surf ( boo) willing to hire a jet ski :sunglasses:

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Ah fair enough. But my personal view would be to spend your days off the island tbh, unless you’re planning on doing some rock climbing. It’s a bit grey and bleak if you ask me.

Nice walks West on Chesil beach, West Bay and Seatown. Or go East and into the big hills near Durdle/Lulworth area. If you’re NT members, Brownsea Island is quite cool, and not too far away.

@fruit_thief is your man for Dorset knowledge though


I love the Purbecks. The Lulworth ranges road is a great ride if you have a bike (check it’s open). The abandoned village of Tyneham. The fossil forest just over the headland at Lulworth Cove. Durdle Door. The walk from Corfe Castle to Studland over Nine Barrow Down is a beaut, and the whole area around the Studland /Arne / Wareham side of Poole Harbour. Corfe Castle from Swanage on the steam train is always a winner.


Kimmeridge gets mentioned quite a lot and is more over that way, but they can wash up on any beach along there, even if the cliffs in those places aren’t directly producing them.

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This is the full haul for the weekend. I did remind Mrs J that we have a very old campervan and there are some big hills on the way home, so a ton of aggregate is not a good idea :hot_face:


One day in 60 million years, people are going to be digging in the fields where you live & come across those fossils & construct an entirely false narrative about the geology of your area :smiley:


One for the skiers among the group, a couple of weeks ago I got back from a ski trip to somewhere I’ve wanted to go for ~25 years… I finally skied in Alaska!

Of course there’s a stuffed Moose at Anchorage airport! Apparently there’s a bronze cast of a world-record Flounder too, but I missed that.

View of the Turnagain Arm from towards the top of Alyeska, which was a tonne of fun to ski around for a couple of days before heading off on a backcountry trip. Everyone I met was extremely friendly, and seemed really surprised I had come all the way to AK to ski!

The “Don’t duck the rope” sign made me chuckle.

This was the kind of scene I had for the second week there; fly into somewhere in a very small plane (a Piper Supercub to be exact) and then ski tour around for the day before either flying back to the lodge or skiing back. It was very cool, and I was extremely lucky with the weather.

I think this is how fat-bikes started, in a shop in Anchorage


Very jealous!

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Nice! I’ve got Alaska in my sights for a trip for my 40th in a few years!


Do it! Winter or Summer?

I’ve been hiking there, did a solo trek north of Fairbanks about this time of year (in 1998).

My opinion is that there are much more beautiful places to go trekking in north America, let alone the rest of the world.
That said, it was a decent enough trip.


Would be a winter snowboarding trip


Looks incredible - I guess this time of year long days but still great snow? :thinking: