Holiday Thread

I knew that you two wouldn’t let me down, cheers @fatbuddha & @awildt .

We’ll be towing our wee caravan going over on 29/06.

Dijon looks good - like a larger scale Troyes - but may be a bit of a stretch on our first day after chunnelling our way to France & losing an hour.

We’ve done Chartres, but hadn’t considered Tours so we’ll look into that.

The site near Abbeville that we’d looked at is on The Somme but more inland.

Amiens will get another look.

As we’re travelling out of the school holidays we should have a bit of flexibility to follow weather or stay in areas a bit longer.

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Don’t forget the French school holidays start on or near the 1st July. So while you’ll avoid the worst of the rush, it’ll still be quite busy.


Had anyone been to Bled or Julian Alps? Was watching a film by Jeff Pelletier last night and it looks beautiful!

One of our sons went to Bled with some mates during his gap year, got cryptosporidium.


Stayed in Bled in 1985

Might have changed a bit since :rofl:


Hmm, not the responses I was expecting :rofl:


Went to Bled on our Balkans motorhome trip in 2019. Really is a beautiful area and lake but like many beautiful areas does get crowded with tourists at times. You can run or cycle around the lake easily enough - only about 6km around.

We didn’t get any further than Lake Bled - was one to tick off - but many say that Lake Bohinj which isn’t far away is a better bet as it doesn’t get as crowded and is more “natural”.

For anyone doing IM Austria in Klagenfurt, Bled is a day trip away.


Yep went for a week a few years back. Bloody loved it.

We day tripped to Bohinj (as mentioned by @fatbuddha). It’s a bigger and quieter lake. We had a really nice walk around it. Got hammered by a massive thunderstorm from memory.

We also got a car for a couple of days and day tripped to their tiny sliver of coast, went to Ljubljana for a few hours and some caves. We also drove into Italy and went to Venice for the day.

Other highlight was a gorge not far from Bled. Vintgar Gorge.

Thoroughly recommend.

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If you’re driving to the Tunnel from NWales and looking for a French overnight stop in one go then that’s quite a long haul. What time do you arrive in France??

If late pm, early evening then somewhere around Reims might be better - Reims is nearly 300km from Calais so a good 2+ hour drive in itself. Troyes is 400km from Calais.

ETA: If you want a campsite neir Reims, try this one. Stayed there ourselves - nice place. About 30mins N of Reims.

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Bled from the castle


Lake Bohinj

Vingtar Gorge


Thanks @gingerbongo and @fatbuddha , really useful :+1:

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Back at Yorkshire cabin
Audi getting old only managed 66.8 mpg today

It’s nice here !


That’s what we did. Drove over spent the day there drove back. I really liked it, we were there in July and it didn’t seem stupidly overcrowded. There is an island in the middle of the Lake which you can take a sort of punt to. There was a church there and ice cream, I did more of the latter than the former. But a lovely boat trip and island

edit: just seen @gingerbongo 's photos. They give a good sense of what it was like


Many thanks again for your input @awildt & @fatbuddha.

We get into France at midday after overnighting at the in-law’s in Beds the evening before. From experience we can comfortably get to Troyes & have even pushed on to Langres a couple of times when it was so hot we didn’t want to get out of the cars air conditioning…strange concept at the moment :smile: .

New plan may be Troyes for a couple of days on the way down to The Ardèche & Dijon & Amiens on the way back.


There’s a nice hotel there called Le Cheval Blanc. Very pleasant restaurant.

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Off for a few days in the van tomorrow; it’s June FFS!!!


Thankfully, after Thursday (when I had to shut the van roof and take the windscreen cover off), the weather has been better than expected.
Guess what we’ve been up to today again :grin:

Good haul of ammonites plus a couple of bits of Crinoid and a Nautilus which the guy in the fossil centre said is pretty rare.


Just back from cycling to Paris and now I’m off to Yorkshire for a week :sunglasses:


I think the forecast might improve towards the end of the week as well.


Stopped at Seatown for a few hours before heading home as today was the best weather we’ve had.
Mrs J was particularly keen to find some Crinoids, which are her favourites.