Hospital admissions due to commuting by bike

Not as relevant currently, but I’ve been meaning to read this for the last fortnight, especially after the Covid question of whether we should cycle. Note that’s not why I’m posting this or want to discuss here, just thought people might be interested generally.



This refers to hospital admissions. Would be interesting to see the a&e numbers. I guess that may be an unpalatable number which can’t really be compared to a “base load” or median approach.

Still, it definitely reduces your odds of a dread disease or early death :+1:t3:

It’s interesting, but my first thought is that this shows association but not causation. People who choose to cycle to work are probably more active and physical in all sorts of other areas too. Their increased rate of injury may be due to other things than their choice to bike to work.

Dunno if that’s right though


Time to whip this out, again:



There is also much reduced traffic than would have been assumed for this prediction.

It seems a daft reason to me. I doubt the numbers really stack up for this. Taking cars off the road makes the world a much safer and cleaner place.

Given a large amount of the excess injuries were due to “transport related incident”, then the conclusion of what would happen when 1000 people moved from car to bike isn’t there, since the transport landscape would have completely changed.

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