How do you eat 300g+ of unrefined carbs a day?!

No, this is apparently suggesting each and every day

Each and every day that you are training…[quote=“tuckngo, post:9, topic:412”]
1-3 hrs per day, incl. moderate and high intensity)

Even on one hour of moderate activity in a day 500g of carbs would be way over what I’m consuming.
I don’t track carbs as I think fuelling the session is enough, but no way I’d have that much the day of just a one hour run…and I’m not losing weight.

Seems consensus with what I’ve come across - 60-70g carb per hour before race.

Never thought about it til now, but the maths on my pre-race porridge: 700kcal, 135g carb, 2g protein, 14g fat, 13g fibre.
Works for me and enjoy it, plus would normally have more than this, an extra a jam sandwich and maybe some juice.
Not had any serious gut issues but stomach can feel tiny bit unsettled on run, so might try ro reduce amount of fibre, and maybe just eat less too.

Edit: Should have carried on reading before typing, pretty much same as Stenard.

Is carb loading still a thing? I was under the impression that as we can only store around 2000(?) calories in the liver, carb loading was a waste of time. As our stores deplete overnight, is race day breakfast not used to top back up?

Due to the limited amount we can store, is this not why we have to fuel with additional carbs every hour during an event?

I think still some small benefit, but easing off training and some high carb meals in days before is enough rather than the old idea of pre race pasta parties etc.

Beyond most of us here, but some people still play around with idea of 5 days very low carb to boost fat oxidation, followed by 2 day carb load into an Ironman. Personally not worth the risk as better to do simple things right first.