I hate this time of year

Had to take our oldest dog to the vet last night.

He’s 14 and been going downhill a bit over the last few months. Turns out he has dementia and is losing weight. Vet’s basically saying it’s not fair to let him suffer and we should think about letting him go sooner rather than later. Wife used to work with people that had dementia and agrees with the vet.

Now we have to decide when.

We’ve lost 3 parents over the festive period in the last 20 years and 2 dogs. Absolutely dread it every year.

Sorry, just had to get that of my chest


Sorry to hear that. It really is heartbreaking to lose pets. And somehow highlights (or exacerbates?) the sadness around losing loved ones.

My vet friend says it really isn’t an easy time for them. They put a lot of effort into getting animals through another Christmas but they all know it’s often with little hope.

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Sorry to hear that @roscoemck, I’ve had to make that call myself & the entire situation just sucks. Can only offer you my thoughts :heart:

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Very sorry to hear mate. We are always here if you need to chat. :+1:

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That sucks @roscoemck - really sorry to hear. Bad memories often feel so much more acute when they happen at this time of year when you are ‘supposed’ to be full of the joys. He will have had the best time with you over the years, and been as happy with your family as you were to have him. It’s so tough to say goodbye.

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I’ve never liked this phase of the year, it’s always a struggle to get through it, even without pets and relatives checking out. It’s cold, dark, wet and bloody expensive yet society says we should be happy and joyful for some unknown reason.

Sorry to hear about the dog.


Thanks guys, appreciate it.

It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last but it’s never easy.

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saying goodbye a dog is bloody hard as they give so much unconditional love and then you have to let them go.

stay strong



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My sympathies - have been there with our dogs in the past

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Horrid thing to have to deal with, sorry to hear it.

This is one of the reasons we haven’t bought/rescued a dog to this point.

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Sorry to hear that @roscoemck. I too know how hard it is to say goodbye to pets, you have my sympathy.

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Also sorry to hear this :frowning:

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Sorry to hear that. Not cool at all. :pensive:

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Yeah, must be real tough charging £75-100 for 15 mins just to see an animal, and then everything extra gets quoted at massive costs.

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Have you ever heard of the Picasso napkin story?

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Yeah, but you don’t have to pay Picasso £99 before you are allowed to buy some paint or paper off him or another licensed ‘artist’ at marked up rate and at a time and place of his choosing.

Been a bit quiet on here recently and I’ll probably be the same for a few days.

It’s with heavy hearts that we said goodbye to our golden boy Benji today. He gave us 14 wonderful years of love and cuddles.


sad news


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He was a proud looking wee fella. Horrible decision to make, but I hope things get easier for you & your wife.

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