Idea for a thread

Over on the (for now) defunct Transitions site, we had a thread called ‘Mental Health’. It was started by an old poster way back in 2007 and has been one the most popular threads on there. It was just for people to ‘check in’ and share if they felt like it. We had everything from family troubles, financial, health, you name it and the support was brilliant.

As someone who struggles a bit lately with work stress and without wishing anyone to share what they don’t want, do you think it’s a good idea here?

Mods can delete if not appropriate.

I’ve had some amazing support from people here via PM and wondered if a dedicated thread would be welcome?


Great idea :slight_smile:

Good thinking. We all have our struggles and sometimes its easier to let them out in the (relative) anonymity of a forum such as this…


Hah! I’d not spotted this when I actually started drafting the midlife crisis thread. Not the same, but certainly a bit of an overlap.

Good point, I’ve just moved my new thread to the Blackpool Lounge.

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Still makes me giggle

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I’ve only been to Blackpool once. I had one girlfriend between divorce and Mrs FP. Said g/f and I came over to Blighty for a holiday as her sister lived in Eastbourne.
Family duties over, we hired a car and drove up to Scotland and the Lakes. This was about June time from memory and I said ‘let’s go to Blackpool, they have lights there’, so we drove over and were having something to eat and I asked a guy what time the switch the lights on and he said ‘October’ :joy:

Honestly, couldn’t leave the place fast enough!


Is this a thread ?.. or not ?

Last time I went to Blackpool it was to ride to Glasgow (and back).
Neither place I wanted to be staying at for long but the wife seemed to have a nice weekend in my absence! (depart was 10pm friday night and i was just back in time for hotel breakfast Sunday morning)


Haha, yes a bit Schrodinger.

When is a thread about an idea for a thread a thread?


I was assuming we’d adopted the midlife crisis one as the default MH but I’ll go with the flow.

I did a search for “Jorgan’s midlife crisis” but to no avail.