IM Copenhagen 2020/21/22

Thanks for the tips @JD-Scarabtri , didn’t know about the bike catchers! Looking forward to that. Fingers crossed for your run :muscle:t3:

Agreed @jeffb - think I should have taken it a bit easier than I did. Will make sure not to worsen the problem this weekend…


Bike handed over to the shippers, always taken it myself in a bike box previously, a few minor bike rides, swims and jogs and we’re done, T minus 12 days.


Out of interest who did you use to ship it?

I know 3 lads that are going, definitely time to ease down now :+1:

Went with Nirvana

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I’ve also gone for Nirvana! You must live further north than me as I’m dropping off my bike on Thursday :+1: Think they’re working their way down from Newcastle.

2 hour run on Sunday went well thankfully. Now into my taper and the nerves are building…


Only found out on Sunday evening, short notice for a drop off at 11am, lucky that I could get away from work.

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