IM Copenhagen 2020/21/22

Having spent a chunk of the summer in a hissy fit after IMCH and my dnf, entering this has given me something to shoot for and I’m excited about giving this a good go. To that end, I’ve also decided to get some coaching, to just aim to get the best out of my time and balance the three disciplines better than I’ve achieved. Only just started but all good so far. Not going to worry about time goals like I did with Switzerland. I’ve had my fingers burnt so finishing and running well off the bike is my primary goal.


Just to help me narrow things down a bit, anyone have any recommendations for accommodation / areas to stay? Cheers!

I’m staying in CPH Studio Hotel. Close to the start line and is near to a yellow metro line station which I think is the best line to be on to go between start/finish/airport.

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I stayed Cabinn City. Good price from when I researched for 2017, and convenient for train/reg/expo/finish (and easy to get the metro to the start/racking). Although the room was pretty warm and I didnt sleep great. The kind of location would be a thumbs up from me however.

Personally, if I went again, I’d stay that side of the split transition again. Staying down by the start isn’t necessary, and just a short push of the bike back to the hotel after the finish was better than a train/metro at that point in the day.

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Cheers Gents. Much appreciated. Will have a look.

I also stayed at Cabinn City. Rooms were small and basic, but clean. Perfect location. 5 minutes walk from mainline train station/metro and near to registration/expo and finish (about 10 minutes walk from finish). Good base if you want to explore the city too. The start is quite a distance away, and I’d rather jump in a cab to the start line on race morning, knowing that I didn’t have to travel all that way back after I’d finished. I timed myself from leaving the hotel, travelling on the metro to the start / T1 / bike racking and it took around 45 minutes. Wouldn’t want to do that at the end of the day.

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Looking at my plan B - Copenhagen looks like a potential backup for Kona. Its the last event for KQ in 2020

Alternative is Italy in September, but that would be for 2021 KQ… looking at this year’s results, Copenhagen looks more achievable than Italy, but I would still need to save 30mins off my IM PB (Hopefully 10min for free as Hamburg was 6km long)

It’s a rapid race though. And my experience was almost zero roll downs

Looked at results M45-49 rolled down to 8th, Italy rolled to 6th, Hamburg to 9th.

I am tempted to maintain my fitness for 3 years as M50-54 looks much more achievable

Ah, interesting. Maybe Kona last year really was influenced by some kind of hype associated with the 40th year anniversary

We’ve got a decent AirBnb near the finish line. When we looked most were pretty expensive unless you’ve got a big group, we’re a group of 6 and found somewhere fairly decent prices.

What’s everyones plans to get bikes there? Bikebox, or tribiketransport etc?

Borrowing a bikeboxalan, then going to make my teenage son drag it across Copenhagen, to ensure that I don’t over-exert myself!:grinning:

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Haha sounds ideal! We used tribiketransport for Zurich which was nice not to have any hassle, but then it was pretty expensive. Might see if I can borrow a bikebox too.

I thoroughly recommend Sports Tours International. Not only will they pick up your bike from your door, but they also drop it back to your front door. Not dismantled in anyway. They will take a tri bag and wheels. They meet you by the expo when you arrive, and they are all parked up at the finish when you collect your bike from T2. If you choose you can join them on a bike recce out of T1 and back into T2, plus lagoon swims to familiarise yourself before race day. Everything was so stress free. Not cheap but well worth it and I’d use them every time if racing abroad.

Bikebox for me, flying SAS, first time I’ve had to ask for space in the hold at the point of booking rather than just tipping up on departure day, guess we’re in a Cesna or something like

Ironman. Hype?

Hello all. Has anyone got a gpx or fit file of the course to put into Best Bike Split please? I’ve done a search but there’s nothing already loaded up.


I’m pretty sure I didn’t have to upload one to BBS for Copenhagen?

Just found it. :man_facepalming:

who’s got any warm up HIM events planned before the big day? I’m thinking of the Marshman for one a bit earlier then maybe ADITL.