IM70.3 WC 2023 - Finland

Not seen this mentioned but apparently the 70.3 champs is returning to Europe in 2022, either Lahti in Finland or Klagenfurt, Austria.

I reckon Austria would be popular, Finland is nice but may not be that easy to get to, also not sure how much accommodation is in Lahti, but I think it’s a big ski venue?

Edit: Lahti is a lot closer to Helsinki than I thought, only about 20 miles or so.

Anyone tempted?


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Yeah i saw that. Surely it’s got to be Austria?

Gonna be tough to get in via European races I’d imagine. May be easier to travel to US hunting for a slot!

Absolutely. As I will be at the bottom of the age group and I’m more suited to HIM then IM , I’m very tempted by this.

Klagenfurt would be a superb location… that lake is just amazing to swim in.

In no way bothered about this

I will be 50, so might be a good opportunity to get in as one of the youngsters in my AG. Austria would be great.

maybe a trip to Pucon to QF . Stunning location and i bet not many Sth.Am will want to travel to Europe

in some ways, Lahti will be easier to get to for those flying in as it’s only “just” outside Helsinki. Klaggers is miles from anywhere for those looking to fly - there is an airport there but it’s a relatively small compared to the big international ones. A lot of people fly to Ljubliana or Munich and do a car hire or get a train but it’s still a bit of a faff.

I drove there in 2018… absolutely amazing trip through some stunning scenery!

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True - i just thing Klag will be more of a ‘go to’ destination than Lahti

We’re invading gradually (as if you didn’t know) :rofl:


we also drove there in 2007 with the motorhome and made a holiday of it by going to the Italian lakes after. as you say, stunning part of the world and a lovely venue, just the logistics of it might not appeal to those coming from outside Europe. Helsinki is a simple in/out venue in many ways.

I’m not sure they’ll have the lure of Nice but within Europe I think it will be harder to qualify.

Think I’d prefer Austria although I haven’t been to Klag, but for some reason I think it will be Finland.


I saw a tweet yesterday saying that the lake for the Lahti race is usually quite cold (11.4 C) in September.

Once I’ve qualified I’ll decide about going :lying_face:

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#Brexit :wink:

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Klagenfurt can certainly cope with the numbers

I don’t deny that - it’s the logistics of getting there that I’m questioning when you look at the alternative venue

I agree with you entirely we flew Birmingham-Frankfurt- Graz and had a pick up from there. As it was Lufthansa we had a hassle free experience.

Apparently it’s going to be in Finland, and 2023. Could be tempted if you can get a slot, but not the destination Nice is.


Not Wimbleball then…:joy: