In Loving emory - Missing Sub

i have lost a sub somewhere in the South Atlantic.

In battleship style, please help me find it by dropping a sonar in any grid square A - J; 1 - 20

Using my powers, it is hazy. I can see a Z, but there is no Z. It may be a 2? and an F I can clearly see an F…F2

I can actually sense exactly where it is, but I am not going to tell you because then MI6 and the CIA would be after me.



but they will already be on to you, surely…

There was a guy in a darkened room with a towel around his head, who already has his location; now he’s gone back to staring at goats.

a tea towel??? which would just be racist…or a tartan rug? which would just be Jockist…

A beach towel, which he wrestled off a lobster-skinned holidaymaker on the Costa Packet.