Inner tube widths

Hi everyone. I use new HED wheels, Conti GP5000 23mm tyres (25mm won’t fit the bike, not enough clearance) and lightweight butyl tubes. I want to try Vittoria latex tubes as they are meant to be the fastest. And also Vittoria’s fast tyres. The tubes come in 19-23, or 25-28. I’ve read that tyres which fit the (fairly wide) HED wheels measure up slightly wider than specified. Would anyone have any advice on whether to go for the 19-23 tubes or the 25-28 tubes? (I wanted to go tubeless but was advised that 23mm was too narrow).
Also, I have already bought the tyres. I’ve tried to install them. I literally cannot. They are so incredibly tight. So I’ve bought a tyre key and crankbrothers tyre lever which hopefully will help…

I have conti 5000 in 23, 25 and 28 mm widths.

The 28 mm tyres are a thing of beauty and comfort, the 25”s are probably the best all rounder.

The 23mm variety is a lot harder to fit, in my old fashioned xentis wheels and getting them off to install a new tube especially during a race is a potential nightmare.

Apparently once they wear slightly there easier?!

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I’d go with the narrower tube.

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