IRONMAN Barcelona 2020

With this years event out of the way…it’s okay to post the new thread now.
Entries go on sale at 4pm CET today (15/10/2019) up at Tier 3 straight away.

Anyone planning on being at this one?

Still Tier 4 places available - 5 minutes after opening.
Bargain price at £560 including fees

Not considering it this year. It is a possibility along with Austria for 2021 though. Looks like you’ve gotta be quick then.

Places still available, nearly an hour later, at Tier 4.

So even this race isn’t selling out in the seconds that it used to

Well, not quite as tempting at £560, as it obviously is at £530 :sweat_smile:

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I’m in via Nirvana. The ‘limited availability’ notice, I thought meant tier 4 was still available but no.

No, it means available to those with even deeper pockets than the usual customer.

Hi, brand new to this forum, am ticking off my bucket list and find myself entered into the Barcelona 70.3 on May 17… how on earth do I get my bike there and back for a reasonable cost? Will probably end up flying out of Edinburgh ( how many days before?!!) and will need to find digs… anyone have any experience they could share?


You can look at a bike transfer company like Nirvana, but they could cost about £250, and I’m not sure if they are covering that event, they definitely do the full IM though as they had 2 huge artics when I was last there, it’s one of their moneyspinners.

Obvious other answer is to fly with a bike box or bag, you can either get a transfer via taxi which might be pricy unless you book in advance or find a group one given the race will be on.

Train is also an option but better if there’s 2 of you, I did this one year, train from the airport to the town, but I think it’s better to transfer at Sants Estacio then change onto the Calella train, this could take about 90 minutes though.

Train station in the town is very central so even a taxi to the hotel shouldn’t be much more than a few euro’s and might be walkable.

The transfer company isn’t cheap but saves hassle, and if you want to go somewhere after for a holiday you aren’t lugging the bike about.

Absolutely stacks of reasonably priced hotels, decent beach and is usually an easy sell to any partners if they want to go.

It is about 30 miles from Barcelona though!!


Thanks Jeff, great info! Seems booking the entry was the easy bit!!