Ironman Mallorca 70.3

4000 “athletes”
Age group only race
60 slots. (AMENDED)


Show me some photos and give me the lowdown

I’m confused by what you’re suggesting? :thinking:

It’s been an AG race only at least for a couple of years. It has 60 slots. It’s well known as the largest 70.3 in the world. There was no egregious drafting that I saw last year

This from the man who was poo-pooing the current drafting rules over on the 113 thread :open_mouth:

No poo-pooing them, just getting my head around them!

With those new rules, I fail to see how 4000 people on one course can not draft?
Or does the hill and descent help out with that?

Nothing against age-group only races, but reading about the Gran Fondo doper(s) and the 12hr TT one, makes me think about getting the kudos of an overall win at a 70.3 event, the largest one in the world at that, would perhaps encourage some nefarious behaviour???