Ironman Mallorca Returns 2021

May 15th 2021 :thinking:

There will be two full distance races in Alcudia now with the Mallorca 140.6 in September.

Brave or foolhardy move?

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I’d like to see the entry numbers… can’t believe that many will be putting their money down right now with the situation worsening across the whole continent!


Agreed, no chance I would be stumping up for entry for next year given their cancellation policy…or the hassle of cancelling/rearranging flights/accommodation etc.

That for me is the great irony in IM’s stance thus far… the very fact that they have been, for most races, such arses over their refunds and transfers policy is now one of the primary reasons that people will hold off on entering next year.

You reap what you sow.

Yes, compare that with Mallorca 140.6 who cancelled early (April for October event) and offered a full refund or deferral to 2021 :ok_hand:

I wonder if its because island events are more likely to run than mainland…

Plus theres very few open races in Europe for 2021, almost all are already closed save for Switerzland, Talinn, Vitoria.

What I will say is that it is a great course! And v easy logistics.

If I am fit and the world allows it I’ll put an entry in in March.

General Registration for 2021 will open on Thursday, November 5 at 2pm CET.

Im going to put myself out there and say Tier 1 and Tier 2 evapourate almost immediately.

Im guessing this is the week before half term, with Lanza the next weekend. If its on half term Id be tempted.

EDIT In fact both races are before half term so sadly I can stop dreaming now

The cynic in me says that IM need to throw in a few new races next year for cashflow reasons. They must be well on their way to burning through all the cash from this year’s entry fees and pretty much everyone will have rolled their entries over to next year, so no new income from the existing races. :roll_eyes:

True, but then the AWA priority link I just got for Mallorca has the following, so they won’t be earning anything from any of these people either…


I would be nice to have had a voucher option for either of my two cancelled races!

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If you need new cash; hosting a full in the same place where the world’s biggest 70.3 is is not a bad place to start

Speaking of 70.3; its the week before. Wonder is anyone will do the half, chill the week and then do the full
Worse places to recover/taper…


Interestingly despite the most hardcore of IM customers Getting early access to this event its still at Tier 1 pricing
Shows just how cautious people are right now; bitten once etc

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I would guess that a lot of the IM regulars already have races deferred from 2020 in their 2021 calenders and don’t want to commit to anything new while there’s still so much uncertainty out there.